Klarna Selects Madrid for new Technology hub

Klarna is starting a brand new tech hub in Madrid together with plans to hire 500 new jobs, a substantial percentage of which is focused on technology.

Klarna Selects Madrid for new Technology hub

Klarna is on the lookout for product developers, such as engineers, product managers, designers and specialists in data analytics and science to your new facility.

Almost half (1,500) of all Klarna's c.4,000 workers worldwide are concentrated on technology. Klarna established its payment and shopping solutions in Spain in Summer 2020 and states it currently works with over 160 merchants in the nation.

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO of Klarna stated:"Conventional banks and card companies have been overcharging clients for a remarkably bad customer experience for much too long. Our intention is to enable consumers to charge, store and cover a single program, online and in-store, with a single trusted brand"

"To do so, we want the top engineers to provide a seamless product expertise for our clients. That is why we're coming into Madrid, one of Europe's emerging technology centers. Together with our technology hubs in Stockholm, Berlin and Milan, we're making a powerhouse of engineering experience which will encourage Klarna's development "

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