Microsoft is also integrating Microsoft Teams directly into Windows 11 for consumers

Officially, Windows 7 is getting a new version

Microsoft is also integrating Microsoft Teams directly into Windows 11 for consumers

Today, Microsoft officially confirmed the name of the next Windows release: Windows 11. Microsoft's new operating systems are now officially confirmed after months of speculations, hinting at the number 11 and a huge Windows 11 leak. Windows 11 will focus on simplifying the Windows user interface, adding a Windows store and improving performance and multitasking. Windows 11 will support Android apps for the very first time.

Windows 11's first feature is the updated Start menu and Start button, both of which are centered on your taskbar. This UI is very similar in design to the one we saw in Windows 10X. Microsoft originally intended this for dual-screen devices, but it was canceled. Windows 11 features a lot of the UI design work that was done in Windows 10X.

The Start menu no longer features the Live Tiles, which were introduced with Windows 8 but instead uses the standard launcher that you would find in Chrome OS and Android. There are apps, recent files, and a separate search interface. The centered look is evidently influenced by macOS, Chrome OS, and Windows 11 includes the rounded corners that we've seen in both Android & iOS.

Panos Panay, Windows chief, says that the team has "fooled over every detail." Windows 11 will also feature updated dark and light mode options that look much better than what is available in Windows today.

Microsoft also offers Snap Layouts that allow you to snap apps in the different modes Windows 11 supports. Snap Groups will allow Windows 11 to remember where apps are stored.

This looks like a great way to support multiple monitors, and ensure apps open on the right screen. This is especially useful if you have a monitor connected to your laptop or a traditional desktop computer with multiple displays.

Windows 11 is also focused on performance. Windows 11 updates are 40% smaller and more efficient because they happen in the background. This will hopefully mean that Windows 11 won't interrupt you during work.

Microsoft has also integrated Microsoft Teams directly into Windows 11 to make it easier for users. Microsoft Teams integrates directly into the taskbar. This allows Windows 11 users to make calls to family members, friends, and co-workers. This is a significant departure from Skype which was included in Windows 10. There's also a universal mutes button in the system tray that allows you to easily mut your microphone across all apps.

Windows Widgets, as well as touch gestures, are a major part of Windows 11. Widgets are a personalized feed powered by AI. It builds on the widgets that Microsoft introduced in Windows 10. You can make it full-screen by dragging it in from the left side of Windows 11. You can also add widgets such as news, weather and maps.

These widgets include one that allows you to tip local creators right from Windows 11.

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