Microsoft Teams update will make your next presentation less of a snoozefest

Microsoft Teams will let you present like a news anchor

Microsoft Teams update will make your next presentation less of a snoozefest

Microsoft is preparing to launch two highly anticipated choices for cooperation platform Teams which will give presenters the ability to flex their own presentation style to the event.

As per a new entrance into the company's product roadmap, Teams consumers will soon have the ability to make the most of fresh demonstration views: Reporter and Side-by-Side.

"Reporter places articles as a visual support over your shoulder like a news story. Side-by-Side displays your video feed beside your articles," wrote Microsoft.

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The company says the additions will help presenters tweak the Teams feed to suit their specific requirements and"promote a much more engaging presentation and consumption experience".

Microsoft Teams upgrades
Microsoft first fell hints about the newest Teams demonstration options at its yearly Ignite conference, back in March. At the time, the extra modes were charged as a means to make remote presentations less stiff and help presenters hold the interest of the audience.

The new modes also extend upon recent efforts to boost interoperability between Teams and the organization's demonstration program , PowerPoint.

Microsoft is in the process of rolling out a new Teams attribute, known as PowerPoint Live, which enables users to establish demonstrations without needing to share their screen with the viewer. The point is to cut out any potential privacy and compatibility problems, and also to help presenters juggle information more efficiently.

Using PowerPoint Live, presenters are going to be able to manage their slides, notes and the chat feed from within a single perspective. The service has also been equipped with a live slide translation feature, allowing audience members to convert slide text in their native language.

The effort to fortify the Teams presentation experience reveals Microsoft is confident distant demonstrations will continue to play a central role in work, despite the expected return to the office. Having capitalized on the transition to remote working, Microsoft will expect it can consolidate its position as companies enter a new phase in the coming weeks.

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