New Photo Booth Lets You Eat Your Photos

There's a new photo booth coming to office Christmas parties, and this one lets you eat your party antics.

New Photo Booth Lets You Eat Your Photos

There's a new photo booth coming to office Christmas parties, and this one lets you eat your party antics.

Photo booths have become a staple at staff holiday parties. Selffee's booth does more than capture colleagues in festive holiday gear. It prints out photos on cookies, milkshakes, marshmallows, iced coffee and even cupcakes.

Just snap a photo, wait for your image to printed on your food item, and enjoy.

Marketed as an edible photo booth, Selffee's clients include major brands, like Google, The Washington Post, Facebook, Microsoft, CNBC, Twitter, Dell and more.

The company's technology uses edible, FDA-certified food inks to print photos directly onto foods. It takes about three minutes to print one item and seven minutes to print six items. A dozen cookies would take twelve minutes to print.

Images last about two weeks on most food items, except for coffee, which lasts for just 5 minutes.

Selffee was launched last year by Farsh Kanji and David Weiss through an Indiegogo campaign, which raised $30,000.

The idea of edible selfies has proven to be a success at corporate events, pop-ups and parties in New York. The company is now touring tech events throughout the U.S.

Now, customers can print their own selfie cakes and cookies directly through the Selffee website. Expect to pay about $40 for a dozen three-inch selfie cookies.

Hiring a booth for an event won't come cheap either. Selffee prices events individually.

The company says their booth is worth hiring. About 95% of customers and attendees post photos with their Selffee food or beverage on social media. The increased social shares boost the event's profile and acts as free promotion.

The Selffee setup requires 6' x 4' of space per machine, with about one machine per every 100 people for two hours. The setup includes two techs that will work the booth during the event.

Selffee joins a growing trend of edible selfies and personalized party experiences.

In Taiwan, the Let's Café, a coffee shop in convenience store chain FamilyMart, prints selfies on customers' coffee foam.

Before ordering a latte, customers are invited to take a selfie. The photo is sent to a special coffee machine, which uses a drinkable powder to create the photo in the milk foam.

In Chicago, event planner The Wow Factor offers custom party creations, including phone cases, door hangers, license plates and even flip flops.

Britain-based Boomf allows you to print photos on marshmallows and chocolates. MakeLab has an edible photo booth that prints photos on cookies and macarons.

The edible selfie business is growing and changing the way photo booths are used at parties. New technology is also changing the way we approach food.

At the Food Loves Tech event in New York, BeeHex showed off their robots that printed 3D pizzas in just about any shape.

As for Selffee, the company now has a storefront in New York City. The store carries the full line of products, which include ice green tea, cold brew iced coffee, marshmallows, cookies, milkshakes and cupcakes. 

Date Of Update: 11 June 2020, 06:37

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