'Overwatch' is Eventually getting crossplay Service

To use the feature, you will have to create a Battle.net accounts in case you don't already have one and connect it into your Xbox, PSN or even Nintendo account.

'Overwatch' is Eventually getting crossplay Service

That is something Blizzard will now need Overwatch gamers to perform if you intend to benefit from crossplay service or not.

1 other point to notice is that any set content you get on a single platform will not carry over to a different stage. Crossplay will also do the job for many game modes aside from Competitive. In that circumstance, Blizzard will place console players in 1 pool and PC players at a different. The studio says it is doing so for balance reasons. Last, Blizzard will provide everybody who joins their account together prior to the close of the year a totally free gold loot box.

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