Pokemon GO Fest 2021: Strange Rings, Special Research Tasks, and Rewards

This guide details the tasks and rewards of Pokemon GO Fest 2021.

Pokemon GO Fest 2021: Strange Rings, Special Research Tasks, and Rewards

The second dayPokemon GOFest 2021 will focus a lot on raiding and players will be able to battle many Legendary Pokemon throughout the day. A couple of new research sets will be available during Day 2. One of these is the Special Research known as Strange Rings. ThisPokemon GoFest 2021 Special Research focuses on the Mythical Pokémon Hoopa. Players can find information about all tasks and associated rewards in the following.

Before we get into the details of Strange Rings, it's worth clarifying that Hoopa cannot be caught in Pokemon GO at this time. Although the Special Research has indicated that the Mythical Pokemon may be added to Pokemon GO in the near future due to its focus, it does not seem to have happened yet. Players will have to settle for the Strange Rings story about Hoopa, which is all they'll hear from Professor Willow.

It is not surprising that some of the tasks in the Strange Rings Special Research require you to participate in raids. This is something most Pokemon GO Fest 2021 day 2 players will be doing so it will be very simple to complete the two activities before the event ends. Other tasks are also not difficult, so players who put in a little effort should have no trouble completing them all.

As mentioned, Strange Rings is only one set of research that players can do during the second day GOFest 2021. There is also Timed Research, which is simply known as Raid Day. The research is divided into eight stages. Each stage consists of one task: fighting in a raid. Each stage has its own rewards. Pokemon GO players who complete all eight stages will be rewarded with Stardust, Max Potions and Remote Raid Passes.

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