But instead than highlighting everything you hear to there, Just You is intended to dive right into just how you listen to Spotify, together with gimmicks such as an astrological audio”birth chart,” a call-out into a exceptional set of artists which you listened to back-to-back, tailored playlists along with other capabilities.

Piggybacking on the Just You rollout, Spotify can also be starting a new personalized playlist attribute named Blend, which will make a mixture melding your musical preferences with this of a friend that uses Spotify.

As civilization at large has changed to streaming since the most frequent way people hear audio , personalization has been critical for solutions. The version of”all-you-can-eat” music opens listeners into a huge library of thousands of tunes, but in addition, it sets up the issue of figuring out the sliver of the catalogue you truly need to listen to, particularly tunes you have never heard before but are very likely to enjoy. This conundrum provides a leg up to solutions which glow in personalization.

From the spotlight Wednesday, Just Blend and You are Spotify’s newest personalized curations.

Spotify explained Only You as containing things such as:

Your Own Audio Birth Chart, a kind of astrologer to your musical tastes which informs you a Sun artist you have listened to all over the previous six weeks, a Moon artist which most reflects your”psychological or vulnerable side” along with a Growing artist which you have recently discovered.
Your Song Year, that is supposed to see how”you have musically traveled during different time intervals.”
Your Period , that highlights the podcasts and music you listen early in the morning or late at night.
Your Own Genres/Topics, which clarifies podcast and music genres which set you apart.
Along with Just You, the Blend feature unifies the musical preferences of 2 Spotify users into a shared playlist. Once you invite a buddy to mix, the Combine playlist for the two of you is generated and updated every day, and it’ll morph over time as both of your listening habits and tastes change. Blend is available worldwide to most Spotify users, both paid and free.

The Way to get Just You’s birth chart along with Other Characteristics
The Only You encounter (that is, a personalized pseudo-video on your listening habits) is readily available for both paid and free Spotify clients, and it is available exclusively on Spotify’s mobile programs for Android and iOS. (Other components of the Just You effort, such as any customized playlists and Blend, are offered in what is called the Just You hub, that needs to be on other supported programs such as Spotify’s net participant and its own desktop app also.)

To locate the Just You hub, start your Spotify mobile program.

You will see a marketing for Just You on your house screen, but if you do not, tap the research tab. There ought to be a Just You banner guiding you to the heart.

You might even look for”Only You” from the search area.

If you are having difficulty locating your Just You encounter, be certain that you’re using the latest variant of Spotify’s mobile program.

But if you are still failing to locate an experience or some other bells-and-whistles, it is possible you are not qualified. To be qualified for the Only You attributes, you have to have streamed 30 paths across five distinct artists within the previous six months. And it is also possible you reside in a nation that does not support itOnly You is offered in 79 markets, however Spotify functions in at least 170.