Steam's summer sale will help you save money

You get deeply discounted games in exchange.

Steam's summer sale will help you save money

Deals Grab Discounts Discounts. Discounts. Steam games are selling at a lower price than usual. With many beloved titles at a fraction of the market price, the Steam summer sale will go on until July 8th.

Which ones? We are glad you asked. All Halo: The Master Chief Collections, Sea of Thieves and Supergiant's beloved roguelike Hades are at least 30% off. Battlefield costs less than $13. Inside is a disturbing cinematic platformer for only $4.99

If you are interested in that type of thing, you can also get some digital stickers for free by purchasing the micro text adventure Forge Your Fate. You can purchase new profiles with Steam Points. These bundles include backgrounds, avatars and other cosmetics.

Did I mention Disco Elysium has a 35 percent discount? It is. Just wanted to let you know.

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