These Board Games Will Surely Keep Your Boredom At Bay

It is believed that the oldest thing in this universe is time.

These Board Games Will Surely Keep Your Boredom At Bay

It is believed that the oldest thing in this universe is time. The irony is that we have to measure time with its age, which also means time. Isn't it amazing? When you sit alone and ponder over things like that, you can feel that the time is passing by quickly. But we don't always want to get into deep thought to kill time. We want to have fun and laughter. And what could be better than playing board games? So, here are a few board games that you must try during the times when you want to keep your boredom at bay.


Ludo is a vibrant board game with tokens and dice. This game has its roots deep in the ancient Indian board game called Pachisi. However, it is a much simpler version of the sixth-century game. That's why it is widely popular in  Asia. Other countries have variations in this fun board game, and they enjoy them just as much.  While playing Ludo, a lot of mirth and laughter is guaranteed. So you must be prepared.


Monopoly will interest those the most who are business-minded. This board game has everything to do with trading and property dealing. There are grave details on the board and the other playing units. If you don't pay the attention that a game of Monopoly deserves, there is an excellent chance that you will lose.  It is widely popular all across the globe. That could be the reason why it is available in thirty-seven different languages after being reproduced by one hundred three countries.


Scrabbles is a board game that can keep you engaged for hours. It comes with a board full of checks and a lot of chips with alphabets printed on them. This game can prove to nourish your mind, but that is possible only if you take an interest in spellings. It is also said that Scrabbles is for smarter people. French people love it, and a lot of them spend a lot of time searching for this board game online. Francophone Scrabble is an alternative for the classic Scrabbles.

The Game of Life

The Game of Life is also just called Life. It is a board game that is stimulative. It is very interactive as it metaphorically makes you sit on a rollercoaster that is supposed to take you on a voyage from your childhood to your old age, making you feel every essential stage of your life. Life will take you through school, college, marriage, and even retirement. It is one crazy board game that is sure to keep you entertained.


Pandemic, as the name suggests, is about saving the world from various diseases spreading across the globe. It is the perfect board game for adults. These days, it is also the board game that has experienced the most significant surge in its online search. You should give Pandemic a chance to cure your boredom.

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Date Of Update: 11 June 2020, 08:23

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