TikTok Marketing: How to Engage Gen Z Consumers Successfully?

If you think TikTok is nothing but a lip-syncing video app then the following details will force you to reconsider this.

TikTok Marketing: How to Engage Gen Z Consumers Successfully?

If you think TikTok is nothing but a lip-syncing video app then the following details will force you to reconsider this.

As per a report on TikTok statistics, the app has over 1 billion users in 2020. TikTok has been downloaded over 123 million times in the United States alone. The stats reflect and experts believe that the TikTok app has the potential to give a tough time to leading social media platforms, Youtube and Instagram. This also shows that the app has the potential to give competition to social media platforms like Facebook that cater to business marketing.

However, before we get into how TikTok is beneficial for marketing businesses, first we need to address the elephant in the room for the boomers unaware of the app.

What is TikTok?

Originally known as Musically, TikTok is a video-sharing application launched by the Chinese company Byte Dance in 2016. The application with 500 million monthly users creates short music videos; edits them with lenses, filters, and Artificial Reality features.

However, if this information is not enough for you to understand what TikTok is and why it is so popular among teens then all you need to do is sit with a teenager and they will guide you through a TikTok video.

Why Marketers Consider TikTok Good for Business Marketing

The social media application is widely popular among Gen Z. According to a new Morning Consult study of Gen Z and millennials, aged 13-38, are about as likely to use TikTok as mega social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. Not to undermine the fact that TikTok is a much younger special media app as compared to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

In a comparison of the most used teen apps Snapchat and Instagram’s characteristics, TikTok is considerably different. For instance, TikTok mostly consists of user-generated videos that include music, lip-syncing, dancing and creative use of app filters. Whereas, Instagram and Snapchat allow users to show case little creativity of their own. Furthermore, TikTok's lightheartedness and authenticity make it more attractive for young teenagers who want to put forward their talent and creativity to the digital world.

This shows how TikTok has the potential to engage Gen Z consumers and provide businesses with a channel to communicate with the younger audience.

Therefore, even after knowing the uniqueness of the app you have doubts in its business marketing compatibility, have a look at some of the famous brands using the app to market their business:


The Mexican restaurant chain is one of the most popular brands to use the video-creating app for business marketing. Chipotle has over 55,000 fans on Tiktok.

Keeping up with the comedic nature of the app, the brand publishes a variety of posts comprising of memes music and another creative tricks that highlights their menu.


The Washington Post

One of Tiktok’s earliest brand adopters, The Washington Post shows the different side of its company through its TikTok videos. As shocking as it might sound but The Washington Post posts comedic behind-the-scenes videos and skits happening in the newsroom.

The brand is a great example of how brands succeed by using a social networking platform to have direct communication with their audience.


SanDiego Zoo

Who doesn't love cute short videos of adorable animals?

Cashing on the global animal love, SanDiego Zoo’s TikTok account is everything we ever wanted from a wireless high-speed internet.

The simple cute videos of animals having fun with a little background music have earned over 50,000 fans for San Diego Zoo on TikTok.


Tips To Market Your Business on TikTok

If the big brands’ social media marketing strategy of using TikTok videos to catch up with the younger audience has inspired you to try the app for a similar purpose, then the following tips and takeaways will help you connect to audiences:

Show Different Sides of Your Company

If the nature of your business has always restricted you from communicating directly with the younger generation, then showing the humorous side of your company on TikTok will engage the GenZ consumers for your business. Just like The Washington Post, you can embrace a more personal and light tone to create communication with the young audience.

Start Experimenting

The exceptions about Tiktok mentioned above show how this social networking application allows marketers to be creative and different to market their brand.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook that have highly restrained guidelines for business marketing, TikTok is a more free space to channel your products and services.

Therefore, if you have an idea that you believe will be loved by TikTok users then don’t be afraid to try it.

Communicate with Your Audience

The main purpose of a brand to try a new and unique application like TikTok is to communicate with your potential customers. To achieve your purpose, try communicating with your audience through hashtags, comments, and likes. You can also try creating a hashtag challenge to catch the attention of your potential customers on TikTok.

Moreover, if nothing works out, create a funny video using TikTok filters and AR features and you will see some delightful response coming your way.

Take Away

The post might be overwhelming for people who never thought of TikTok more than just an application for teenagers. However, believe us, with a different set of mind, creativity, and sense of humor TikTok can be a place that your business can use to uniquely market its products and services.

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