What is Google News?

Generally, people who read the news first select a publication of their choice and then check for the headlines that they have the interest in reading.

What is Google News?
Are you wondering what Google News is? Google news refers to news site generated by the computer. The news site compiles the news headlines from different sources all over the world. It also brings together related newsgroups and displays the report on the personalized interest of each reader. The Google news can be accessed directly by visiting //news.google.com/, or you should just simply select the section named News under the main search tab on the Google homepage.

Generally, people who read the news first select a publication of their choice and then check for the headlines that they have the interest in reading. Things are done in a different way to achieve the aim of providing the readers with better-personalized options to choose and various perspectives of news for the user to go through.

In general, Google News helps to enhance journalism and expose the users to different views and perspectives. In this case, the users do not get to choose the ranking of the articles. The articles are ranked based on some features such as the uniqueness of the article, the content diversity, the originality of the words of the article, the lessons and exposure to the content and the creativity of the article. In addition, some other technical factors contribute to the ranking of articles on Google News. The technical factors include the link to other relevant sites to your articles, accuracy, and description of the title of the article and a lot more.

Google news has many features. The features are listed below.

Features on Google News

News Alerts

This feature gives the users the chance to sign up for Google News to receive alerts on the type of news you would like to read. You can receive alerts on the news on sports, entertainment, politics, business, and lifestyle and so on. You can also set the duration which you want to receive the alerts may be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

News Feeds

Google News offers you the chance to get updates on different areas and sections of news. To get the news feeds, what you need to do is just first to set up your RSS feeds. The news feeds feature only works on computers. You can follow this link to learn how to set up your RSS feeds. However, you should know that Google can block your RSS feed in some cases. For instance, if you use the Google news feeds to increase traffic on your site or profit your site and so on.

Personalized News

You cannot read all the news that is published on different sites every day. This is why Google News offers you the chance to set up your personalized report. Your personalized news is the news that best represent the type of news you are most interested in. You can just simply set up Google news to only display the topics you are interested in and based on your location.

News for your mobile device

This feature on Google news is simply for you to be able to access different news on Google with your mobile device. Have a good internet connection and read the news that interests you on Google.

News Archive and search

With this great feature on Google news, you can access old news and articles. You can even read about events that happened before you were born. It is indeed a great feature.

In a word, Google News is the perfect place for you to read different articles on various topics that interest you. What’s more, you can read the old news and even the latest news.

Date Of Update: 05 May 2017, 06:46