What is Stingray Service Gateway

Stingray SG is a new complex solution designed exclusively for communication services providers

What is Stingray Service Gateway

Stingray SG is a new complex solution designed exclusively for communication services providers. It is a software product that IPTV providers, internet service providers, and other telecom companies can use. With Stingray SG, there is nothing that you cannot do. You never have to worry about disruption when it comes to its functionality. Stingray service gateway provides you the perfect platform to take care of all your needs.

All in One Solution

If you are tired of using different services for uninterrupted coverage to your customers, you will find Stingray SG to be the ultimate all in one solution. It is the latest solution that is revitalizing the telecom industry. Some of its key functions include classification of traffic at L2 to L7 levels and deep packet inspection. With Stingray SG by your side, you will have no trouble performing the following tasks:

  • Quality of Experience Module
  • Filtering of Traffic by Black List
  • Conducting Marketing Notifications and Campaigns
  • Wifi Hotspot Management
  • Mini-Firewall and Protection
  • Carrier Grade NAT
  • Improvement and Prioritization of Quality of Service
  • Support Integration with RADIUS Server

Available Options

Some of the available options of Stingray Service Gateway include the following:

1. Quality of Service (QOS)

With the QOS module, you get to enable bandwidth management based on bandwidth usage, data flows, and layer protocols. This helps you save up to 25 percent of your bandwidth capacity through the prioritization of traffic and improving the quality of service of the operator.

2. Quality of Experience (QOE)

Another option available includes QOE which is a DPI module. It helps collect stats and evaluates the quality of experience. The data collected is compared with the metrics set for evaluating the telecom service quality along with the internet connection for single users. This information can be used to improve the quality of service offered to customers.


Companies can use the CG-NAT option for enabling port translation and network address for a single public IPV4 address. It helps simplify the transition to IPV6 and deals with IPV4 address exhaustion. As inbound connections to specific ports can be restricting, this option helps communicate with other ports to change the port number. In addition to this, the option also helps prevent torrent trackers from getting a hold of your online activity.

4. Anti DDOS and Firewall

Stingray SG has a firewall that helps protect you from getting hacked or blocked for illegal subscriber activity. With the firewall, your network will be protected from malware and DOS attacks. Thus, the quality of service will be improved and reliability will be provided. Users will also be kept notified.

5. Marketing and Redirecting

Operators can use marketing and redirecting to notify subscribers about the latest offers or network maintenance in the future. Users will also be redirected to the home page when the service is activated.


Stingray SG is a software solution which is not dependant on any particular server hardware supplier. This makes it extremely flexible and the perfect option for businesses.

Date Of Update: 02 December 2020, 12:27

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