What you need to know about rollback Acer drivers?

The device driver rollback utility allows you to restore the system i

What you need to know about rollback Acer drivers?
The device driver rollback utility allows you to restore the system if a failure occurs due to the installation of a faulty, inappropriate or corrupted device driver. One of the Defective, unsuitable or corrupted Acer drivers can cause a lot of different problems. When installing such a driver, the system may not boot or BSOD will appear shortly after the initial boot. In less serious cases, the indicated device and possibly other devices may fail. The device driver rollback utility is available through Device Manager.

The Device Manager is arranged in a hierarchical order. Select the device you want to restore by right-clicking on the device and then selecting Properties from the shortcut menu that appears. After that, the property sheet will appear on the screen. Select the Driver tab and click Roll Back Driver. If Windows has information about the previous Acer drivers of the laptop, they will be restored. If another version has not been installed before, an error message will appear. To access Device Manager, you can use a quick call. As you can see, it takes several actions to get to the device driver recovery point. Fortunately, there is a quick call. Just enter DEVMGMT.MSC to get to Device Manager right away.

If the system does not load itself, then the problem can usually be solved by running the system in Safe Mode. The task of safe mode is to load the Windows GUI with a minimum set of Acer drivers. Almost always, if the system cannot boot itself due to the driver, you can download it in safe mode.

If the safe mode did not solve the problem, try to download the last successful configuration. You can not boot your computer in safe mode as a last resort, then you need to try to download the last successful configuration, press F8 at the initial stage of the download. This will return the system to the state in which the boot process last time completed successfully (at least as far as the device driver). If the problem with Acer drivers appears after logging in, you can not use the last successful configuration.

You can restore no more than one version of the Acer drivers. You can not restore multiple versions of the driver at once. Windows only place the latest version of the driver in the cache, not all that has ever been installed. If you want to return to an earlier version, then it's better to use System Restore. It should be remembered only that in this case earlier versions of other aspects of the operating system will be restored.


Date Of Update: 20 October 2017, 19:12

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