Where to buy official Blizzard statues and figures in Europe

If you've been looking for official and licensed premium statues by Blizzard such as Lilith, Lich King Arthas, from Diablo or Illidan Stormrage, Lich King Helm of Domination, diablo Bust or any other, then visit Fragstore.com

Where to buy official Blizzard statues and figures in Europe

Games adepts dream of their fav game ongoing in real life. That is why they often decorate rooms with a variety of merchandise to immerse them in the in-game atmosphere.
True fans of Diablo, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone and StarCraft games by Blizzard usually face the question - of where to buy desirable official figures and statues of their favourite heroes in Europe. 

Finding new World of Warcraft or Diablo items on the Internet, social media or on the official Blizzard page, such as the sword of the Lich King that from the first glance stole your gamer's heart, only one desire appears is to buy it immediately. However, you could meet a new challenge - where to buy this item and not get a damaged one or a Chinese fake. In this case, you could buy items from the Blizzard Gear Store or make purchases from official Blizzard sellers, such as Fragstore.com. Both online stores are official and only licensed products which you wish to have. 

Official Blizzard items in the EU 

Fragstore is an international chain of stores for gamers, esports, movies, comics and anime fans. On online shelves, you could find thousands of 100% official and licensed, the most hype merchandise and up-to-date gaming devices from the world's top manufacturers.
A user-friendly multi-language site (7 languages), safe and secure payments on-site where you could easily choose the most applicable payment method by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, ApplePay, Google Pay or PayPal and fast delivery all over Europe, the UK and US. All these features will make your shopping much more easier and enjoyable.

On the online store, you will find a full range of Blizzard merchandise including unique and iconic merchandise created for events or a game's anniversary. Everything from keychains, apparel and mousepads to limited collectable statues in one place. By the way, all the hottest novelties appear here immediately after they were announced by Blizzard. So you could place a pre-order and get desirable items among the first - chosen ones with just a couple of clicks.

If you have been looking for incredible Lich King Arthas, Illidan Stormrage, Jaina, Sylvanas or Lilith premium statues, a bust of Lord of Terror Bust 20th Anniversary or an exclusive replica of the Helm of Domination Lich King, as well as other awesome official collectable statues and figures by Blizzard universes, then visit the Fragstore.com site. Affordable prices, discounts and special offers as well as delivery over Europe from only 2 euros will raise your purchase experience to the next level of satisfaction.

Date Of Update: 29 December 2022, 09:23

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