4 Ways to Make Money with a Travel Blog

Blogging is increasingly becoming popular. It is now one of the many ways that peoplemake money online

4 Ways to Make Money with a Travel Blog

Blogging is increasingly becoming popular. It is now one of the many ways that peoplemake money online.    Making money online is not as easy as people think it is, it requires hard work and determination. Blogging comprises different industries and one of them is travel blogging. Travel bloggers or agencies such asOpodousually write about travelling, it can be about the various destinations to visit, tips to do certain things while traveling, or ways to make bookings.

As a travel blogger, these are some of the ways that you can monetize your blog.

1.       Make sponsored texts

Sponsored texts have now become one of the most effective and powerful ways that bloggers can monetize their blog. Sponsored texts are denoted with phrases such as “presented by,” “brought to you by,” or “sponsored by.” In other words, you can give a mention, place a link to someone who paid for it.

It might be in the form of a guest blog post, an advertisement in a newsletter, or a sponsored review. This strategy is mostly used by inexperienced bloggers. It is worth noting that this strategy can make your blog spammy and might turn off your readers. It can also make you get a penalty from Google, and this may make your blog to rank low.

2.       Write eBooks or videos formation

This strategy involves writing soft copy books known as e-books and publishing them on your blog or sending to your readers through their emails. You can also make videos on traveling and post them on your blog or YouTube. You can write an eBook on a topic of your choice, but it should be on traveling because you are a travel blogger and you will be mostly talking about travelling.

You can also make money by making consistent and informative videos. Placing these videos on YouTube can help you build a strong audience base and get a stable income.

3.       Sell advertising space on the blog

It is the most common source of revenue for bloggers. This involves allocating some space in your blog for advertisements. A certain company like can advertise its product, an offer, or brand. But before you go ahead with this strategy, you should consider:

·         The number of ads you want to show

·         The ad service platform you are willing to sign up for

·         Whether to show them on mobile or desktop

·         Whether you want to use an ad serving platform or to deal with the direct advertisers.

4.       Make affiliations with brands

This strategy basically means that when a visitor comes to your blog and clicks on an affiliate link to a website that you are referring, you get a commission on a purchase when the visitor purchases something. This is among the strategies that bloggers like because of its nature of passive income.

A lot of bloggers from different industries or niches make affiliations with various brands. When making affiliations with a brand, you should not recommend a product or service that you’ve not experienced and vouched for. By using a product and knowing its pros and cons and letting your readers know about it, you will build trust between you and you audience. You should also never forget that your audience is your greatest asset.

Date Of Update: 15 May 2023, 08:24