Animal rescue holiday in the Allgäu: drone searches fawn

arrive As we were on a Sunny morning in a Meadow at the edge of the forest in the vicinity of Kronburg, in the opposite trudges us the retired headmaster Hans M

Animal rescue holiday in the Allgäu: drone searches fawn

arrive As we were on a Sunny morning in a Meadow at the edge of the forest in the vicinity of Kronburg, in the opposite trudges us the retired headmaster Hans Musch in bright yellow rubber boots. He has tracked down a fawn on the approximately six acres of Meadow. At noon, the Grass to be mowed, and the search begins. With long sticks, and about a metre and a half distance, we run to twelve in a row. We come across Places where the Grass is oval, flattened. "Here is a fawn once located", Attention: explains to lady of the manor, Carolin von Vequel -.

The Grass has now the correct height for the first cut in the spring. It is needed as feed for cows. Since the Allgäu region has traditionally been characterised by dairy farming, we see here more meadows than arable land. And every year there is the same Problem, Attention: tells us the studied forest economist Maximilian Freiherr von Vequel -. The mowing coincides with the time in the deer, your boys get. Many of the deer brought their kids in the Meadow to the world or they set off after the birth in the high Grass. In the first days the mother come to Nurse their young into hiding. Then you pull back into the forest and leave the young animal, the motionless remains to be from predators protected.

In the high Green of the Rehnachwuchs disappears. On one hand this is good, because the Fox can't see the animals and also does not smell, because they are in the first days of life odorless. On the other hand, the hiding place will fawn, small rabbits, and ground reactors to the fatal doom. A farmer on the tractor or the combine have no Chance to discover them. You will vermäht, as it is called in an empty jargon.To prevent this, together with the Baron and his sister, Carolin von Vequel-attention: for the past four years, Volunteers to the fields to depart before the combine invaded.

The tenant of their meadows are required to report to you twenty-four hours previously, when you wanted to mow, and says the Baroness. Then you have enough flow, to find a helper, and the field to comb through. The time between Scans, and Mowing must be as short as possible. In a normal year without Corona-restrictions only friends and Acquaintances, but also vacationers do not support the siblings. Because the family own the castle of Kronburg is a guest house with views of the Iller and the allgäu Alps belongs to. Since the 30. May is open, the guest house again.

in Legal terms, farmers are obliged to ensure that mangling them at the time of mowing, no animals or kill. But it takes time and effort, the fields in search of hidden young animals search. Some of your area neighbors were also trying to prevent animal suffering, Attention: says Vequel -. Others made fun of them. To facilitate your work, when drones are used. Fortunately, the siblings Hans Musch know. In the past year, he had tracked with his drone thirty-seven fawns, told the tall man, and the Kitzrettung be to him a personal concern. He grew up on a farm. "When I was fifteen, I vermäht a fawn," he says and looks to the ground. "The cry I can't get out of the ear."

While we stilt slowly through the knee-high Green, controls Musch the Threat over the point at which he assumed the fawn. There it is. We keep our distance and ve^rharren motionless. About three or four days old, to whisper to us the Baroness. You tear tufts of grass from the Lawn and puts on his gloves. No human scent is transferred to the Small, otherwise there is a risk that the DOE violates it. Careful, the Savior is sneaking up on the deer, throws the Grass on his back and lift it gently high. Only the Small remains rigid in shock, and then it calls shrill to his mother. Almost immediately we see a deer through the forest to the Meadow grasshopper. Quickly Vequel on-attention: the baby Animal in the direction of the forest, where the mother is restless and jump off. It is heart-rending cries. We stand there and are on the verge of tears. At the forest's edge, she puts the fawn gently on the forest floor. A helper puts a Laundry basket over the young animal, and anchored it with two Stuck in the ground. This is to prevent the DOE sets her fawn in the Meadow, Attention: explains Maximilian von Vequel -.

Date Of Update: 20 June 2020, 20:19