Short Guide to Visiting Paris

Paris is a city on everyone’s bucket list. It is a place for writers, artists, poets, and dreamers

Short Guide to Visiting Paris

Paris is a city on everyone’s bucket list. It is a place for writers, artists, poets, and dreamers. A visit to the capital of France will transport you to a world unlike any other. You cannot help but fall in love with it. If you want to plan a trip to Paris from Montreal or Toronto, our short guide has you covered.


The first thing that you need to do is check out flights from Montreal to Paris or flights from Toronto to Paris depending on which Canadian city you are traveling from. After you have sorted your flights, you will need to look for accommodation. If you are traveling to Paris on a budget, you can book a hostel. It should cost you around 37 USD to 60 USD per night depending on how many people you share the hostel room with. As for a hotel, you would need to spend a minimum of 125 USD per night during peak season. However, you should be able to find a hotel for 100 USD for each night during off-season. You also have the option to use Airbnb for much cheaper options.

Top Things to Do In Paris

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s take a look at the top things to see and do when in Paris.

1. Head to the Museums

If there is one thing that you cannot miss when in Paris, it is the museums. The city is the center of it all. You can visit the Louvre or Musee D’Orsay for some of the finest works. Rodin museum is also worth checking out along with the Holocaust Museum. You should get a museum pass if you are a history or art buff.

2. Walk along the Champs Elysees

Next, you need to walk along the Champ Elysees to experience the true beauty of Paris. This prestigious avenue has it all. Luxury shops, cafes, cinemas, and just about everything. Besides, you will also get to see the Arc de Triomphe during your walk. Keep in mind that it is very expensive which is why you should simply go for a stroll early in the morning when there are fewer tourists.

3. Hit the Pantheon

Paris has a Pantheon which is located in the Latin Quarter. The neoclassical building is perfect for Instagram selfies. It was previously church before it turned into a burial site for French heroes like Voltaire, Louis Braille, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Victor Hugo. Admission to the Pantheon is around 10 USD depending on the exchange rate.   

4. Chill at Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg is easily the biggest public park in all of Paris. It contains more than a hundred statues, fountains, and monuments. There are many runners in the morning and locals having lunch during the afternoon. It is always packed.


Although our short guide to visiting Paris comes to an end, there is just so much to do in Paris. We have tried to keep things short and insightful. If you made it this far, we wish you the best on an adventure of a lifetime.