Two days before he tested positive for Covid, Prince Charles met Queen.

Clarence House: The heir to the throne has also contracted the virus in 2020. Clarence House claims that he is now self-isolating

Two days before he tested positive for Covid, Prince Charles met Queen.

Clarence House announced that Prince Charles tested positive for Covid-19.

This is the second instance of the virus infected the heir to throne, aged 73. This was the first time it happened in 2020.

A palace source confirmed that the Queen was in direct contact with Charles. However, Charles is not showing any symptoms. They declined to confirm whether the Queen had been negative for any of these symptoms.

Charles is believed to have visited her 95-year-old mother on Tuesday, when Charles was performing an investiture for her at Windsor Castle. Although she is fully vaccinated, she is not expected to be self-isolating. However, she will be instructed to do daily lateral flow tests for one week.

On the official Twitter account of the prince, a message stated that the Prince had tested positive for Covid-19. He is now self-isolating.

"HRH is very disappointed that he was unable to attend today’s events in Winchester. We will try to reschedule his trip as soon as possible."

Charles arrived in Winchester at unveiling a statue shortly after noon, and the announcement of the positive result was made just 12 minutes after it was announced.

It is just days after the Queen celebrated her platinum jubilee with an "sincere wish" for the Duchess to be Queen Camilla by Charles's side when Charles became king.

During solo engagements, the Duchess of Cornwall revealed that Charles is becoming more isolated after she tested negative.

Camilla had been with Charles on Wednesday night to the British Museum, where they met many people at a reception celebrating the British Asian Trust's work.

Charles spoke at the reception, where he was in close touch with Rishi Sunak (the chancellor), and Priti Patel (the former Liverpool footballer) about the "devastating effect" of the pandemic on south Asia.

He used his nickname for Camilla, which is "darling" or even "beloved," in Urdu. He said, "I can't believe it's almost two years since my mehabooba (and I) were able be there to celebrate the British Asian Trust's work."

Charles was unable to taste or smell anything after contracting Covid in March 2020. However, he did experience mild symptoms. He claimed that he was able to "get by with it quite easily". He spent seven days in self-isolation at Birkhall, his home in Scotland, before returning to his duties.

This is called a "reinfection" and it refers to when someone tests positive for Covid-19 after more than 90 days. These cases account for about 10% of all daily cases in England.

There have been 14.8m cases of infection in England since the outbreak of the pandemic. 588,114 (4%) were likely reinfections.

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