Allies of the US and Europe warn Iran about its provocative nuke step

After meeting to discuss strategy, President Joe Biden stated Saturday that the nuclear talks with Iran would resume.

Allies of the US and Europe warn Iran about its provocative nuke step

He and three European allies also warned that Iran had "accelerated the pace provocation nuclear steps" and that they were preparing for negotiations to bring Iran and the U.S. into compliance with the 2015 agreement.

Biden and leaders from France, Britain and Germany met in a crucial moment as Iran continues to enrich its uranium to near weapons-grade levels. They are trying to revive 2015's deal and bring Iran's program back to the level it was under that pact. This kept Iran at least one year from having a potential nuclear weapon.

Following the meeting with Angela Merkel of Germany, France's Emmanuel Macron from France and Boris Johnson of Britain, the four leaders "expressed their determination to ensure Iran cannot develop or acquire a nuclear weapon."

They also stated that they share "our grave concern" about Iran's "accelerated pace of provocative nukes" following the halt to negotiations for a return of the nuclear agreement, which was formerly known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

They warned that Iran's nuclear development and the restrictions placed on international monitoring by International Atomic Energy Agency could "threaten the possibility of a re-entry to" the agreement.

Biden was asked by the leader of the group when he wanted to see the restarting of the Iran negotiations.

He said that "they're scheduled to restart" in what seemed to be the first public confirmation from the U.S. about a resumption of negotiations.

Iran has not yet committed to a date for the return of nuclear talks held in Vienna, but it has indicated that it will do so next Tuesday with a target of late November to resume negotiations. Others, including the U.S., have expressed doubts about Iranian intentions.

According to the U.N.'s Atomic Watchdog, Iran is violating the nuclear agreement more frequently. President Donald Trump withdrew America from the deal. Indirect participation by the U.S. in talks to bring Washington and Tehran into compliance has been possible. Since June, when Iranian President Ebrahim Rashi took office, the Vienna talks have been in limbo.

The deal remains in force for Britain, France and Germany as well as Russia, China, Russia, Germany, Russia and the European Union.

In a communique, the leaders urged President Raisi "to seize this chance and return to good faith efforts to conclude our negotiations as an urgent matter of urgency." "This is the only way to avoid dangerous escalation which is not in any country’s best interest."

The meeting took place in Rome, where the leaders were attending the Group of 20 summit. This was the first stop on Biden’s five-day foreign tour. He is also attending the U.N. climate conference.

Biden was greeted at the summit site by Mario Draghi, the Italian Prime Minister. He then joined his counterparts for a "family photo" before attending the first plenary session about the COVID-19 pandemic as well as economic recovery.

The meeting took place just days after Ali Bagheri (Iran's deputy foreign minister, chief negotiator in the talks) tweeted that Iran had agreed to resume negotiations by November 31st and that a date for a resumption would be announced "in the next week".

Jake Sullivan, the U.S. national security advisor, stated Thursday that the U.S. is still trying to determine if Iran is serious about returning to negotiations.

He said that "we have heard positive signs that they are", but he believes we must wait to see when and if they actually come to the negotiating table."

Sullivan stated that leaders would send clear messages to Iran indicating that there is no limit to the time for negotiations.

He said, "We, of course., retain all other possibilities to be able to handle this program as needed."

After American officials accused Iran of launching a drone attack against a remote U.S. military outpost in Syria, Saturday's meeting was held. Officials stated Monday that while the U.S. believed Iran was behind the attack and supported it, the drones were not launched by Iran.

The attack resulted in no injuries or deaths.

The U.S. Treasury Department announced Friday new sanctions against two senior members from Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as well as two associated companies, for providing lethal drones, and related material, to insurgent groups operating in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

Biden called for progress towards his goal of establishing global 15% corporate minimum taxes, according to the White House, while his domestic efforts to increase the business rate to this figure were stuck in Washington.

He was also expected to discuss ways to reduce the impact of a global energy shortage that has fuelled rising prices and threatened to undermine the global economic recovery. Biden will host an event to strengthen supply chains in the world, as many factories and ports have been unable to deliver goods due to the pandemic.

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