master plan : Government crisis? I where!

how goes 39; s actually the man who almost blew up the government? The presentation of his migration concept shows: Horst Seehofer is quite the old man.

  master plan  : Government crisis? I where!
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    So re it is, paper bundle that almost led government to collapse. And re is also man who was responsible for most serious political crisis in country for years. He straightens jacket, smiles at his crooked smile, as always. Horst Seehofer sits in front of several dozen journalists in a conference room of his Federal ministry in Berlin and presents his so-called master plan migration, with about one month's delay: 63 points on 23 pages.

    It was only a few weeks ago that everything seemed possible: a resignation of federal Minister of state, a coalition break, end of Union from CDU and CSU, Europe-wide tensions. Then compromise, first with sister party, n with coalition partner of Social Democrats. The crisis seemed resolved, Seehofer declared it finished. Only master plan suddenly ignores agreement with SPD: in point 27, re is still talk of transit centres.

    Transit Centre – This is a formulation that has been removed by Social Democrats in coalition committee. Seehofer simply fixed state of Union between CDU and CSU, i.e. one day before agreement with SPD. The date on cover page: 04.07.2018. His birthday, as he emphasizes.

    Not bad, Seehofer asserts on multiple demand. After all, this is not a coalition paper, but one of interior minister. A master plan could not be constantly written. And finally, in whole plan, re were a dozen or so or points, which he did not expect to immediately get agreement of SPD. "That would be at least a world premiere," he grins. It is more or less probably not same on an open point.

    Migration-Seehofer does not take coalition agreement into Master plan on Interior minister Horst Seehofer has presented master Plan migration. Also included are passages and terms that are controversial with SPD. © Photo: Axel Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images 69 Afghans to 69 birthday

    Seehofer, Gambler, master of small political side stitches. Orwise, coalition crash of last few weeks seems to have gone almost without a trace. "I don't know what lasts any longer: implementation of Master plan or my term of office," jokes Seehofer. This is a lot of self-deprecation for a minister who was about to be kicked out, or for a few hours as well as resigned.

    And it goes on in same tone: on his 69 birthday, fate was going to be able to deport 69 Afghans. Remarkable, finds Seehofer, orwise usually only a dozen sit on plane.

    As journalists point out to him consequences of his escalated refugee policy – that, for example, former Labor minister Norbert Blüm (CDU) turned his back on him – this does not stop his cheerfulness. "Do I have to call Blüm again," says Seehofer. "Such things must already be seen with serenity and distance." Blüm was man who had procured Seehofer as secretary of state his first cabinet post.

    Date Of Update: 11 July 2018, 12:02

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