Union of the Middle : CSU leadership wants to stop Members ' initiative

As an initiative, the Union of the centre wants to do something about the union's right-back. According to the media, the CSU leadership calls for the activities 34; immediately 34;

  Union of the Middle  : CSU leadership wants to stop Members ' initiative

The CSU party leadership accuses union members initiative of middle of violating party statutes. This is reported by Spiegel to initiator of group, Stephan Bloch, citing a letter from CSU provincial administration. New associations within CSU must first agree with board, it is refore stated in letter. Bloch should immediately cease his activities and join one of "statute-legitimized divisions". In addition, CSU general secretary Markus Blume Bloch, according to Spiegel, accused "secession and sectarianism".

CSU member Blochreagierte on Facebook on accusations. There he wrote to have received letter in mirror only after publication. "Great cinema, Markus Blume and Co. The next proof of why style and decency for our CSU would be so important, "Bloch said. On Facebook side of union of center it is said: "Intra-party democracy is one of basic principles of CSU and CDU. Open, even critical contributions to discussion contribute to this. "

The Union of Centre is, according to its own data, a coalition of more liberal CDU and CSU members who support course of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). The Facebook page of initiative has been in existence shortly after Bundestag election in September 2017. With 3,200, it counts a relatively small number of subscribers, but has triggered an intra-party debate in Union.

"Danger of losing status of a People's party"

Last Sunday, tens of thousands of people in Munich had demonstrated against a right jerk in politics and society. Under motto ausgehetzt – Toger against politics of fear! They turned above all against CSU's refugee policy. Bloch said to mirror: "Refugees are not scapegoats for developments that are going wrong in our society." Bloch furr demanded an apology from federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) for his statements about 69 people who had been deported to Afghanistan on his 69 birthday.

Meanwhile, CDU general secretary Annegret Kramp-cart builder wants to use mirror for an appeal by party leadership to grassroots movements. They should refore not be slowed down, but declared superfluous. Besides, you'd have to have your tone, so Kramp cart builder. Thuringia's CDU chief Mike Mohring also warned of a fragmentation of CSU. "We are at a threshold where re is a risk of losing status of a People's party," he said to Rheinische Post.

Merkel had welcomed new flow. It does not stand for erosion of sister parties, but is an "expression of liveliness". The former CDU general secretary Ruprecht Polenz, also a supporter of Union of center, said in German radio: "I cannot explain to people why it is dangerous to elect a populist nationalist party, if I n partially same Terms that use same rhetoric, same arguments. "

Date Of Update: 29 July 2018, 12:00

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