A football stadium to welcome the Caravan with a Migrant in Mexico City

Thousands of immigrants lie in the mexican capital on hold for the rest of the Caravan to be able to continue together their unstoppable exodus to the militariz

A football stadium to welcome the Caravan with a Migrant in Mexico City

Thousands of immigrants lie in the mexican capital on hold for the rest of the Caravan to be able to continue together their unstoppable exodus to the militarized northern border

An observer of the UN in the caravan of migrants: "There are that prevent the violation of children's rights"

The contradictions of the mexican authorities sow uncertainty in the Caravan Migrant

Exhausted, sweaty, some without shoes, but all with a big smile on their faces, thus reaching the members of the Caravan Migrant to one of their destinations most anticipated: the aztec capital. The liturgy is repeated every few minutes, every time a new group comes up to the municipal sports center Jesus Martinez-Stick, all its members are received by the rest of his teammates with cheers and applause.

As if they were of athletes who end up running a marathon, they receive their particular tribute while you line up the straight line of entry to a stadium with capacity for 7,000 people. His prize particular is waiting for them in the interior of the enclosure and is that, for the first time in 23 days, the Caravan, a Migrant will be able to rest in a space perfectly enabled to meet their needs.

The group has come sooner than expected and for that reason the authorities of the capital have worked tirelessly to finish installing, on the football field, several tents of plastic in where the immigrants will be able to rest these days. The goal is to wait for the rest of the Caravan, which in recent days has been desperdigado between the states of Puebla and Veracruz. As they approached towards the capital of the country, the more impatient became disconnected from the group and climbed aboard trucks, buses and private cars that I saved several hundreds of miles of walking.

however, although effective, this is a dangerous practice and that more than one has led to a scare major. Is the case Look at Amaya, a honduran 20 years that he was about to be kidnapped a couple of days ago as he confesses to THE WORLD: "I rode a car on the highway, trusting that I would bring to the capital, but soon found that they deviated from the course. At that time, and as the driver wasn't answering, I decided to jump out of the car in motion. I was going very fast, so I thought everything was going to end for me but, fortunately, I shot, and only suffered some burns". Amaya confesses that not afraid to travel alone, "the Caravan protects me", and shows confidence in reach the united States. "I understand that Donald Trump can think as well because we're going to your country, but you are wrong, we just want to work and labrarnos a better future."

On the outskirts of the stadium, 100 metres from the access, two hondurans try to find the stands of the other stage, the asphalt of the new circuit of Formula One of the mexican capital. The same place that capped off a week ago to Lewis Hamilton champion of the world, is located just a few metres from another stadium, more modest, that has become the symbol of the migration crisis in Central america. "Only the power of God can soften the heart of that pharaoh who is Donald Trump to allow people to be able to cross the Red Sea and reach the promised land. We just want to have a work permit to be able to invest it later in our country," says Samuel, a honduran fleeing political repression in their country.

The militarization of the border seems to no end to scare this group remains confident in achieve their american dream. Merlin Amparo, who travels alone with her two children of two and five years, do you think you have it easier than others: "Trump to ask him to at least let those of us who travel with children, and that does not separate us from them. Be aware of who compose this Caravan, and not to receive us as if we were an invading army".

In the next few days, human rights organizations expect to welcome more than 7,000 immigrants in this space, while, in the offices, the authorities of the capital will meet with the organizers of the Caravan in search of a solution that will satisfy everyone. No one can deny Mexico the humane treatment that is providing to their fellow central americans, but all generosity has a limit. The immigrants want to get bus transportation to the border with the united States, something that the mexican authorities cannot be granted without the risk of having a diplomatic conflict seriously with their neighbors to the north, today held its general elections.

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Date Of Update: 09 November 2018, 08:01

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