Donald Trump blames the 'fake news'

The president blames the press, the responsibility of creating a climate of division that has resulted in the sending of parcel bombs to their critics, among th

Donald Trump blames the 'fake news'

The president blames the press, the responsibility of creating a climate of division that has resulted in the sending of parcel bombs to their critics, among them Biden and De Niro

The FBI launches a hunt for the author of the wave of attacks

also Sent parcel bombs to the ex-vice president Joe Biden and actor Robert de Niro

"fake News - Fake bombs". That is the tweet you posted yesterday Lou Dobbs, a commentator for the television network financial Business Fox, in relation to the packages-bombaenviados by mail to a number of political personalities, business, and the spectacle of the US that are opposed to Donald Trump.

The white pumps are two former presidents -Bill Clinton and Barack Obama-a former vice-president-Joe Biden, a former first lady, secretary of State, senator, and former presidential candidate -Hillary Clinton, a senator -Dianne Feinstein-, a former director of the CIA -John Brennan-an actor -Robert DeNiro-, one television network -CNN - and a billionaire from Wall Street and activist for democracy in Eastern Europe -George Soros-. The fake return address of the artifacts, which are homemade and contain, in addition to explosives, shrapnel, is the office of congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, very close to Hillary Clinton.

The attacks has sparked hysteria in universities, think tanks, and other institutions that represent "globalism," "socialism", "satanism" and other enemies of the far right in the USA. The workers in these institutions have received instructions asking them to use extreme care with the correspondence, in anticipation of possible new attacks. The FBI, which is leading to a massive hunt for the suspect, believed that the packages could come from Florida, but has alerted the population that have the maximum care, as there may be more letters-pump circulating through the country.

For the majority of the followers of Trump, this is all summed up in the tweet of Dobbs, who had been already anticipated on Wednesday by a woman in Florida who was carrying the banner "Fake News, Fake Bombs" ("False News, Fake Bombs"), at a rally of the president. Tags #Fakemailbomb (#falsacartabomba) and #fakebombgate (#falsabombagate) were a trending topic yesterday on the social network Twitter, the most used to pour political opinions.

This idea is based on that the attempted attacks come less than two weeks from the general elections of November 6, in which the democratic opposition could take control of the House of Representatives. Thus, it is an assembly election.

That theory has the tacit support of the leaders of the Republican Party. The clearest example of this is the actual Donald Trump. After condemning at the rally in Florida, the attacks and calling for "civility" and "unity" on Wednesday, the president changed yesterday the tone and pointed to one culprit: the media.

"A big part of the Anger we see today in our society is caused by the intentional information of the Big Media that I call False News. It has gotten so bad and with so much hate that you can't describe. The mainstream Media must begin to act it FAST!", tweeted Trump.

The question is, what means that the media is "behave". The spokesman of the White House, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, gave an idea about that, by declaring to the press that "only you look at the negative".

For many media, however, Trump has a certain responsibility in the attacks, for their statements. Your computer always says that "we must not take what the president says in a literal way". But that argument, which seems to indicate that Trump is a small child who doesn't know what that says, it does not explain how to consider the phrases of the president in that it provides, literally, the wood to its detractors, the press included. As said the president of CNN, Jeff Zucker, in a statement issued after the detection of the pump sent to that television, Trump has "a lack of full understanding" of the impact of "attack the media".

Trump has promised to put his rival Hillary Clinton in jail (October 9, 2016). Has posted a video on Twitter in which he gives a beating to a person who rather than face it has the logo of CNN (July 2, 2017). Has stated: "I would like to partirle the face" to a person who was being ejected from a rally for protesting against him. And, in the same incident, has expressed his nostalgia "for the good old times, when the people went out on a stretcher from places like this" (February 13, 2016).

on Thursday of last week, the president held in Montana the feat of the republican congressman Greg Gianforte, who reacted to a question of the journalist of the british newspaper The Guardian Ben Jacobs about a topic as dangerous as the reform of the health system by applying a key of martial arts and partiéndole the glasses. "Oh, that's my kid!", said Trump, before an audience that responded with enthusiasm.

Thus, the strategy of the White House is based on not acknowledging any responsibility, and to attribute it to the media. Sanders has declared that Trump is no more responsible for this wave of attacks failed, the senator of the left-democrat Bernie Sanders was the attempted assassination of republican congressman Steve Scaliste, that he was about to lose his life after being shot by a fanatic of the left, James Hodkingson, in June of 2017. It is true that from the political point of view, Trump, and Sanders are found in the antipodes. But it is no less than the democrat he has never said that he would like to put in prison or hit anyone.

the White House and The Republican Party are also putting on the same level the cards-pump and the boos in the restaurants of Washington to leaders of the training, as the president of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, and his wife, Eliane Chao, secretary of Transportation, or the secretary of homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen. The own Trump has spoken of "mob mafia" ("mobs", in English), "paid by Soros and other people" to refer to the demonstrators who have protested against, for example, the appointment of the conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

This policy of communication is amplified in the Network with messages of bots -that is to say, robots, trolls -specialists in the harassment of third parties in the Network, and accounts linked to the followers of Trump, in particular those that spread the conspiracy theory of Q or, more commonly, QAnon, who says that Trump is fighting against a network that controls the world and that practice paedophilia and murder of children, and they are part of Biden, the clintons, Obama, Soros, Pope Francis, Angela Merkel, the late republican senator John McCain, and even the chef Anthony Bourdain, who committed suicide in August. Everything is, thus, a mounting.

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Date Of Update: 29 October 2018, 19:01

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