Israel and Hamas perpetrate the worst escalation of violence since 2014

A new climbing imperilled by the start of the truce between Israel and Hamas Fighters israeli targets of Hamas in response to fire into central Israel and b

Israel and Hamas perpetrate the worst escalation of violence since 2014

A new climbing imperilled by the start of the truce between Israel and Hamas

Fighters israeli targets of Hamas in response to fire into central Israel and be'er Sheva

24 hours after the israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, defended the principle of agreement is not written from a truce with the islamist group Hamas, Israel and the Gaza Strip, starred in the worst escalation since the war of 2014.

in the first hour of the afternoon and emulating a method of performance that is characteristic of the lebanese group proiraní of Hezbollah, Hamas fired from Gaza anti-tank missile against a bus of israeli near the border, causing serious injuries to a soldier. Later he began an offensive with more than 400 projectiles up this morning into southern Israel, causing one dead and 20 injured, among them a woman in critical condition. According to local media, the deceased by the impact of the missile of Hamas in a house in the israeli city of Ashqelon is a palestinian originally from Hebron.

The batteries defensive Iron Dome intercepted a hundred projectiles while the sirens were activated for the first time in the remote area of the Dead Sea.

it Was the retaliation of Hamas to the death of seven members of its armed wing, among them a ringleader, in a firefight started after that agents from a special unit they were detected in a covert operation in southern Gaza. In the combat, died a lieutenant-colonel in israeli.

"In response to the crime of yesterday, the central command set of the palestinian factions announces the start of bombing raids against the settlements of the enemy with dozens of rockets", communicated to Hamas, which has controlled Gaza since 2007.

As a reaction to the rain of missiles, Israel bombed 150 targets of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, leaving a balance of three militants dead and a dozen wounded. The Gaza ministry of Health reported that one of them died this morning. Among the places attacked by the israeli Air Force, several buildings linked to Hamas as that housed its Intelligence headquarters, ministry of Interior and its chain of television Al-Aqsa mosque. Before, and told the tenants to evacuasen places. They also attacked a house of a leader of Hamas, as well as depots of arms, among other objectives.

The palestinian armed factions warned last night that it would aim their projectiles against the center of Israel if it intensified its bombing in Gaza. Already in the early morning, Hamas disseminated the images that they shot of their missile Kornet impacting on the bus to israeli on the other side of the border.

"With his attack against israeli civilians, the terrorist group Hamas has decided to bring Gaza to the disaster", he warned, the military spokesman Ronen Manelis while the palestinians blame Israel of "acting against the attempts of truce".

Between Sunday night and Monday afternoon, he reigned a tense calm. Schools in localities israelis near the gaza Strip remained closed for fear of the announced projectiles. On the other side of the border, the cries in favor of a revenge marked the funeral of the head of the armed wing of Hamas in Khan Yunes, Nour Baraka, and six other militants.

Almost at the same time in Israel was buried the lieutenant colonel M. died in the raid undercover, according to military sources, "was not intended to kill or capture terrorists, but to collect information of Intelligence". Hamas, for its part, praised the "heroes and detect and repel the attack" of the agents, camouflaged, moving into a civilian vehicle.

After having to interrupt your visit in Paris, Netanyahu met with the Defence minister, Avigdor Lieberman, and the dome of security. In the weeks since Netanyahu is criticized for his electorate, which accuses him of "lack of response to the attacks on Gaza" and allow the delivery of $ 15 million qataris to Hamas to pay the salary of thousands of civil servants. The objective, to fill the gap created by the sanctions of the opponent's internal, palestinian president mahmoud Abbas and the condition for reconciliation in palestine to regain control of Gaza.

Netanyahu managed, with the head of Intelligence, egyptian, Abbas Kamel, and the emissary of the UN, Nickolay Mladenov, an agreement that includes the end of the protests and clashes started at the end of march called 'March of Return' in exchange for immediate solutions to the dramatic situation in Gaza, where unemployment exceeds 40% and up to a few weeks ago -when she entered the extra fuel - you could only have four hours per day of electricity.

"The goal is to restore calm to southern Israel, to avoid an unnecessary war and a collapse of humanitarian law in Gaza to return to the situation pre-march", said Netanyahu as the leader of Hamas, Yahya Sinwar, points out that the truce requires calm and the end of the blockade".

As in each of the last miniescaladas, Kamel and Mladenov try to avoid that end up in a war. This time, his mission is more difficult than ever.

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Date Of Update: 14 November 2018, 20:01

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