Russia supports Maria Butina despite his confession as agent

Moscow believes that the Russian girl has been mistreated during his arrest to plead guilty to If the life of Maria Butina would be in a film, this week would

Russia supports Maria Butina despite his confession as agent

Moscow believes that the Russian girl has been mistreated during his arrest to plead guilty to

If the life of Maria Butina would be in a film, this week would have been the fast-paced chapter of the end of the season. Last Thursday, this former student of Russian American University, famous for having courted the powerful lobby of weapons of the US has been declared guilty of interfering in the elections of 2016. Even so, the Kremlin has insisted on Friday that the accusations filed in the US against Butina are "unfounded and inconsistent", according to the press spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov.

The alleged spy, who was arrested in July of 2018, made his confession after that last Monday his defense to record a request for a hearing to change his initial statement, in which he had been declared innocent. He now admits that it acted in coordination with Russian officials to weave a network of influences in american politics by pretending to be a student. Agreed to cooperate with the u.s. authorities, opening a new chapter to this saga of politics, sex and weapons.

The confession leaves evil to Moscow. This week, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, denied any relationship Butina with their secret services. "When I found out what happened I asked immediately to the heads of our special services who he was. No one knows absolutely nothing of it, except for some in the Federation Council [Senate], where apparently she had worked for one of the senators. That is all", explained the representative Russian during a meeting televised.

To be a Russian citizen, of no importance, the name of Butina has sounded very strong during the summer from within the governmental structures. The Ministry of Foreign affairs Russian began in July a campaign on social networks to ask for the release of Butina, whom u.s. prosecutors had just been accused of acting as an agent of Russian covert. Moscow is using its formidable apparatus of the social networks to press for his release. Even called a 'flash mob' digital in support of Butina, proposing to its followers to change their profile picture by Butina sharing the tag #FreeMariaButina.

This Russian came to the united States with a student visa in August of 2016. He had previously worked as an assistant to a high-ranking Government official. Today Butina is aware that after serving the sentence imposed on him could be deported or kept on probation. He was accused of acting as a foreign agent in the united States and allegedly used sex and deception to build his network of political connections, although after the US authorities backtracked on this statement.

a Graduate in international relations and passionate about the weapons, spent years trying to establish a channel of communication between Russia and the Republican Party through the National Rifle Association (NRA), as well as between Moscow and the campaign of Donald Trump.

In view of above, the attorneys of Butina rejected categorically the evidence against him and called for his speedy release. In the midst of the wave of what the media russians described it as "speculation", the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was presented as a "political prisoner".

The suspect, through conversations with Russian officials, reported that his persecution by the us authorities due to his political views. The Russian embassy in the US said then that Butina had the "firm intention to prove his innocence".

Your confession has disrupted this scenario. On Wednesday, the spokesman of the foreign ministry of Russia accused the united States of having been tortured. What is true is that Russian diplomats had visited and the young man complained about his conditions of detention. Moscow has complained that the accused was kept in solitary confinement for 22 hours a day. But some Russian sources have begun to charge against her, accusing her of having sold out to the US.

at the time, Russia will continue to provide support to Butina. So has clarified the Russian minister of Foreign Affairs, Serguei Lavrov. "She is in very difficult conditions, and I have reasons to believe that the purpose of this was to break their will and force her to confess that she probably is not committed; but it is their decision, and we will do everything possible to ensure that the rights of our citizen are respected, and ensure that you return home as soon as possible," said Lavrov.

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Date Of Update: 16 December 2018, 20:00

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