South sudan: five years of revelation

armed Men violate to 125 women in the fifth anniversary of its civil war "We have violated all of them," there were No birth is more painful than the on

South sudan: five years of revelation

armed Men violate to 125 women in the fifth anniversary of its civil war

"We have violated all of them,"

there were No birth is more painful than the one of the youngest country in the world. South sudan was born in the summer of 2011 was the result of two wars of genocide, and centuries of enslavement by the islamist governments of its neighbor to the north. Nothing more to be created as a State, to print their own tickets, and produce their own national beer, the White Nile, started the rebellion against the supremacy of the ethnic dinka in the Government and its heavy hand with dissent.

on December 15, 2013, began an armed confrontation in the streets of the capital, Juba, between supporters of president Salva kiir (dinka) and the vice-president Riek Machar (nuer), old friends and enemies who have signed tens of treaties of peace to discard them minutes later. The corpses were left lying in the streets, with no one bury him, for several days. The soldiers of kiir both were devoted to plunder everything that was saqueable and Machar and his entourage fled to the border with the Congo.

the event is at the height of the brutality of the war, a few days ago it was learned that armed men, presumably soldiers of the government, raped and beaten to 125 women, some of the girls less than 10 years, and other of more than 65 years in the city of Bentiu, where 80,000 people from the ethnic nuer live within a military base of the United Nations so that it will not kill you. These women had left to go to a food distribution. In addition to rape, stripped of their identification cards to get food.

unfortunately, this sexual violence, of as yet unknown proportions, it is usual in this conflict, as this reporter was able to check in Malakal, where tens of women claimed to have suffered a sexual assault every time they left the relative safety of the center of protection of civilians in the UN.

The interim bill of this conflict is ignored, is 400,000 dead (a figure similar to that of the war in Syria). Have died or disappeared 15,000 children. There are 4.5 million displaced, two of them out of the country, and seven million people dependent on international aid, with 1.2 million children with severe acute malnutrition and another 2.2 million children without access to education due to lack of schools and teachers in villages that have been razed.

In reality is that South Sudan is listed in Google Maps, has its own anthem, flag and even borders. But it does not exist beyond the limits of its chaotic capital. The state is not present in the greater part of the territory, where rests lords of war, but it does not provide basic services to its citizens such as schools, security or public health. This type of coverage are the responsibility of becoming less and less NGOS. Many of these organizations have had to close down because of the dangerous nature of their work in a place where armed men have arrived to enter a hospital to kill one by one all the patients.

The civil war that has plagued the country is full of killings. Few conflicts dragged so much brutality and so much concealment on the part of the authorities. The Government has banned the entry of hundreds of foreign journalists to prevent that document the massacres that occur with impunity by all their geography, including this reporter.

The war has been extended by zones which at first remained neutral, as the area of Kodok, in the north, or the entire region of Equatoria, in the south, where it survives one of the rebel forces most active. As the militias are exhausted, the fronts spend months without moving and then comes the famine induced as a weapon of war, that is, the cut-intentioned road to which a given population may be unable to access to food. What has been practiced by the Government in the states of Unity and in the above-mentioned Equatoria.

The future of South Sudan is bleak. The diaspora, formed in many cases by young people who have studied in the best universities of Canada and the united States, has been despised. Not seen in the horizon alternative leadership in none of the two sides. The government and the opposition continue to rely on kiir both and Machar, both responsible for horrible war crimes that nobody wants to investigate. Any attempt to replace these cuts with blood. Fortune national has been looted by the ministers and family members of kiir both, that have millions of dollars in accounts in tax havens. Meanwhile, the rest of the country is facing hunger and misery.

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Date Of Update: 16 December 2018, 08:01

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