Spain delivered to the nurse of Hugo Chavez Maduro despite the "political instability" from Venezuela

The Police have stopped the nurse from Chavez in Madrid by laundering The judge frees nurse of Chavez but forbids him from leaving Madrid The nurse 'ru

Spain delivered to the nurse of Hugo Chavez Maduro despite the

The Police have stopped the nurse from Chavez in Madrid by laundering

The judge frees nurse of Chavez but forbids him from leaving Madrid

The nurse 'runaway' of Hugo Chavez is hiding here

Nicolas Maduro got a Spanish court authorised the extradition to Caracas for nurse of Hugo Chavez and the president of the Office of the National Treasure of Venezuela between 2011 and 2013, Claudia Díaz Guillén.

The Third Section of the Criminal division of the National court agreed to extradite him at the request of the authorities of the bolivarian country, to be tried for alleged crimes of legitimization of capital, partnership and illicit enrichment. Put another way, what in the Spanish Criminal Code are considered criminal offences of embezzlement of public funds, illicit association and money laundering.

The decision of the Spanish Justice, who is still at the expense of the approval of the Government of Pedro Sanchez, tomb of the arguments alleged by the attorney for Diaz Guillen and rule out that the former executive secretary of the National Development Fund (Fonden) of Venezuela is "persecuted for political reasons and for having ideas contrary to the current regime" in venezuela.

"The crime objectives of the application are ordinary, not warns motivation spurious in the claim and are not prescribed", the court of law presiding judge Alfonso Guevara, with a report of the Fiscal Ministry in favour of the extradition.

that Said, don't overlook the fact that the judges recognize that in Venezuela "there is a climate of upheaval and political instability and social", but considered that it "does not certify" that there is "a real danger that they will be terminate and the rights" of Díaz Guillén.

According to the order issued yesterday by the Third Section, the nurse of the deceased Chavez -resident in Madrid since almost five years ago - is being investigated for "alleged irregularities" committed during his positions in the venezuelan Administration, as well as by appear in the so-called Papers of Panama. This is, to use the law firm panama Mossack Fonseca to create companies and to hide money.

The court makes reference to the proceedings opened in 2016, in a court of Caracas, which is investigating the alleged obtaining by Díaz Guillén of "economic benefits" to "acquire movable and immovable property" in Venezuela and abroad.

According to the facts at issue referred to the Audiencia Nacional in its self, the nurse of the previous venezuelan president was, allegedly, companies in Panama through Mossack Fonseca "with the proceeds of the alleged illegal activities" carried out during its work in the bolivarian Government.

Claudia Patricia Díaz Guillén was arrested last April 26 in Madrid and put on probation by the investigating judge of the National Audience Fernando Andreu. The nurse and her husband, Adrian Velasquez, were arrested in the framework of an operation conducted by the Unit of Economic Crime and Fiscal (Udef) of the Police against money laundering, after the order of detention issued by the current venezuelan Government.

In this sense, one of the facts investigated is the purchase of a house in Madrid, by 1.8 million euros, in 2015, in addition to other real estate transactions, according to said sources familiar with this operating.

The defense of marriage claimed by a Spanish court and that the persons requesting the extradition -- the prosecutor general of Venezuela, Tarek Williams Saab, and the president of the Supreme Court of Venezuela, Maikel José Moreno - were "sanctioned by the European Union for violating human rights in Venezuela".

The response of the Third Section of the Criminal was that "the State requesting extradition has guaranteed the rights of the unclaimed through its Supreme Court and of the Attorney-General, with express reference to the fact that this is not a persecution for political offences, which is the cause of non-delivery".

Claudia Patricia is one of the nurses who treated Hugo Chavez before his death in 2013, and it chose as head of the Treasury. For his part, Adrian Velasquez is a retired military who served in security roles in the Palace of Miraflores, in the era of hugo Chavez.

you should Now be the Council of Ministers the authorization for the extradition approved by the National court, on the proposal of the Ministry of Justice that directs Dolores Delgado. Although there is no date to know when will take the final decision, the next Council will be held on November 2.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 27 October 2018, 07:01

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