The movement of the yellow vests in France, the way of your final

The fifth day of protests shows fewer protesters, incidents and arrests The extreme right is going to get the greatest benefit from the gear face to the eur

The movement of the yellow vests in France, the way of your final

The fifth day of protests shows fewer protesters, incidents and arrests

The extreme right is going to get the greatest benefit from the gear face to the european

More than 100 arrested in Paris on the fifth day of the protests of the yellow vests

And on the fifth Saturday, the tide reculó. Act V of the 'yellow vests' met less protesters. There were fewer incidents with police and fewer arrests. It comes from the balance sheets and starts to sniff in the polls that the far right is going to get the most benefit.

The photo of the day took place at the fall of day. The riot, in a row, with the water cannon of the battering ram and the furgonas behind, swept through the Champs Elysees. Were so few demonstrators that spent tear gas just. That is quite a lot, to the extent Spanish. A result, the "most beautiful avenue in the world" was opened to traffic about 6 in the evening. Although all the shops were closed and with the windows closed, it is the first Saturday in a month that you could circular through the Fields.

it Was an odd day in Paris: museums and Eiffel tower, open. Department stores, too. Luxury shopping in the area of conflict, closed. Metro to operate with stations close to the area of protest, closed. Bikes, scooters, and buses, out of circulation.

In the Opera, the other meeting point, there were more police that protesters. They began the day with a minute of silence for the victims of the bombing of Strasbourg. Then wandered around in groups until they were dispersed.

The tension was evident that it had fallen. Tourists took pictures in front of the two armoured vehicles of the police. The riot police had the helmet on the waist. There was even a conversation between a mounted police horse, and one protester curious.

The figures confirmed the decline. Eye, this has not yet finished.

especially in the provinces. The official count at six in the evening it was 66,000 demonstrators in the whole of France, half that seven days ago. Virtually the same number of police officers deployed, at 69,000. In Paris, they came to 4,000, compared to 10,000 last Saturday. At the same time, the arrests in Paris, numbering 168 people when last week exceeded a thousand.

the intervention of The president of the republic on tv with concrete promises such as the increase in the minimum wage of 100 euros last Monday has calmed down to a part of the vests. The attack on Tuesday in Strasbourg has also been influential. Friday night, Macron ran through the streets of the centre of the capital of alsace. And, for the first time in weeks, he heard more kind words that whistles.

Earlier, the Government had withdrawn the fees increase the gas-oil that were the trigger of a movement of unprecedented protest, without leaders or organization that communicates by Facebook.

"Is in phase of conclusion"

The scenes of violence and looting have fact that public opinion, which supported the 'vests' from the first day, has changed. And then, has come the cold and snow. And Christmas is coming. There are many picket lines in the road. But this is just.

Yesterday, the former president of the Republic, François Hollande, was the first leader to speak in a loud voice: "The movement is in phase of conclusion. It has lasted a long time and must find its outcome". In your line 'loving' with the protest, added: "The measures announced prove that this movement has been helpful. But there are other frustrations and anger. And that will listen to them".

Pity that his supporters, split, are not able to collect revenue of any in european. Can be seen in the first surveys. The last two published indicate that Marine Le Pen is going to be someone more nuts/votes to pick up, a 24%. The troops of the Macron, which prior to the conflict will dispute the first place are now six points behind. Two forces that have caressed the hair to the 'vests' out scalded: the right classic Laurent Wauquiez is listed at 12 percent and the left-wing populist Jean-Luc Mélénchon, at 10%.

Rush for the right-winger Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, very talkative these weeks that reaches 7%. Same percentage for the Greens. The two lists socialists, in the 5%. Or becomes Ségolene Royal, or go the way of the disaster.

it Is premature to count votes. But about the time of makes balance of the conflict. There have been 8 deaths: two 'vests", run in the pickets, a lady of 80 years who succumbed by the smoke canisters of the police in Marseille. The rest died in traffic accidents related with the roadblocks mounted by the 'vests'. There have been over 1,000 wounded between the protesters and 245 in the security forces.

The Finance minister, Bruno le Maire, has encrypted the damage to the economy by 0.1% of Gross domestic Product (GDP). The president of the Federation of Trade evaluated at 2,000 billion euros that have stopped earning sector. Must be added the losses in the hotel sector and transport operators and the sector of logistics, touched by the road closures.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 17 December 2018, 08:02

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