Theresa May reiterates: "we're Not going to change our stance on the sovereignty of Gibraltar"

"When we negotiate what we do all over the Uk. Our position on the sovereignty of Gibraltar has not changed, nor will change" Theresa May warns Peter Sanc

Theresa May reiterates:

"When we negotiate what we do all over the Uk. Our position on the sovereignty of Gibraltar has not changed, nor will change"

Theresa May warns Peter Sanchez that will protect the "british sovereignty" of Gibraltar

The crisis of Gibraltar, step-by-step

The prime minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, has made clear on Friday that, whatever happens, the pressure that the Executive of Sanchez is exercising in the negotiations will not lead in any case to his Government to consider sharing sovereignty of Gibraltar to unlock the crucial meeting on Sunday in which Spain could vote 'No' to the arrangement of output: "We have been very clear in that when we negotiate what we do all over the Uk. Our position on sovereignty has not changed, nor will change."

The leading conservative, that has made these statements during a round of questions from listeners of BBC Radio, he responded in this way, the former minister for Europe in the cabinet of Tony Blair, Peter Hain, who barely an hour before had assured that sharing sovereignty of the Rock with Spain could be the way to end the "stumbling block" which is turning out to Gibraltar in the negotiations.

"I negotiated that agreement of shared sovereignty with Madrid, but, although it was signed, Aznar backed down at the last moment and to be fair, the gibraltarians voted overwhelmingly against it", explains about the referendum held in 2002 and resulted in a rejection of the full population, with 98% of the votes.

in Addition, the 'premier' has the opportunity to point out to those "who want to stop the Brexit" as the "opponents" of the United Kingdom, ensuring that, if the Parliament voted against the current agreement, only to create more "uncertainty and division" as the country will not be able to bring anything better in Brussels. With this May what is intended is, by leveraging that has gone slightly strengthened this week by not fleshed out the confidence motion that was to hatch against him within his own party, stand as the only one able to guarantee a Brexit negotiated.

yes, you May have been reluctant to answer directly to a listener about whether the Uk will be better outside the European Union and with your agreement that staying within it, ensuring that the situation will simply be "different". "What I know is that to continue in the EU caused a lot of concern over issues such as freedom of movement. The heavens will not fall the day we leave, it will just be different and I think that the best days for our country are yet to come", explained a May who was uncomfortable by the question. "I think I'm getting a good deal for the United Kingdom and that we will be better off once we have the control over our affairs, and be able to trade with the rest of the world. What will make us better is not being inside or outside, but the fact that our future is in our hands".

in Addition, the first minister has ruled out resigning from office if the Parliament does not approve your preliminary agreement in December, or at least have been assured that at this time you're not passing by the head: "Now do not think of myself". But the pressure within his party continues to increase to its around. That was the minister of the Brexit until just a week ago, Dominic Raab, has also secured this Friday in an interview that the deal reached is "even worse" than if the country is to stay in the European Union.

"I'm Not going to make a plea in favor of the stay but if you make me stand in front of the conditions of stay in the EU and to move forward with this agreement, the reality is that we would still be bound by the same rules without having anything to say about it. So yes, this deal would be even worse than to stay," said the conservative, who is not hesitant to run for office as a possible successor of May.

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Updated Date: 25 November 2018, 20:00

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