Abortion: majority votes for easing the ban on abortion

The result of the referendum is clear: in Ireland, women should be allowed to legally abort in the future. The Prime Minister speaks of A 34; silent Revolution 34;.

Abortion: majority votes for easing the ban on abortion

A majority of Irish girls and Irish have voted to loosen strict ban on abortion in country. According to final result, 66.4 percent spoke out to delete Eighth Amendment from Constitution. Accordingly, 33.3 percent voted against it. Only in one of 40 constituencies outweighed number of "no" votes. The turnout was 64.1 percent.

Ireland's prime minister, Leo Varadkar, welcomed ' yes ' to referendum. "What we see today is culmination of a silent revolution that has taken place in Ireland over past ten to 20 years," said Varadkar to Irish TV channel RTÉ. "People have said that we want a modern constitution for a modern country." The vote shows that people of Ireland respected women. In downtown Dublin, thousands of people gared to celebrate result. Many places were danced and sung.

More than three million citizens voted on Friday to decide wher to delete Eighth Amendment from Constitution. This prohibits abortion even in case of rape, incest or fetus. In an abortion, women threaten up to 14 years in prison. There is only one exception: Since 2013, it is allowed to abort when mor's life is in danger.

New abortion law by end of year

Child and youth Minister Karine Zappone said she was sure that Parliament would adopt a new law on abortion by end of year. The Government of Varadkar proposes to allow abortions during first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Abortion at a later date is to be allowed in special cases.

EU's most stringent abortion law

Ireland has so far been one of European Union's most stringent abortion laws. To circumvent ban, thousands of Irish girls travel to Britain every year to make intervention re.

The citizens were called upon to vote on an amendment to law. Because a postal vote was not possible, it is reported that tens of thousands of Irish girls and Irish people living abroad have travelled to ir homeland for referendum.

The UN Human Rights Committee had criticized abortion ban 2016 as a violation of international human right agreements and called on Irish government to revise it.

In Germany, abortion is illegal, but under certain conditions it is free of charge. An abortion can be carried out within first twelve weeks of pregnancy, in exceptional cases also until 22nd week. The precondition is that pregnant woman is advised before intervention and presents doctor with a corresponding proof.

Date Of Update: 27 May 2018, 12:47

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