Afghanistan: US diplomats should have met Taliban representatives

President Donald Trump seems to be looking for ways to end the war in Afghanistan. According to the media, US diplomats have for the first time led talks with Talibanvertretern.

Afghanistan: US diplomats should have met Taliban representatives

According to media, representatives of US government have conducted direct talks with radical Islamic Afghan Taliban for first time. The meeting took place this week, said a senior Taliban leader of news agency AP. "The discussion was preparatory, initially, and both discussed a future meeting and contacts," said one of men. Anor meeting had not yet been agreed, but it is certain that re will be one.

The New York Times also reported, citing two Taliban representatives, of meeting which was to be a peace process for Afghanistan. The talks were held with US South Asia envoy Alice Wells and or US diplomats in Gulf state, Qatar. The Taliban have long been calling for direct negotiations with United States.

The US State Department does not deny talks according to New York Times. Instead, in a briefing of Ministry of Foreign Affairs from this week a trip wells ' to Qatar was confirmed. The Taliban maintain a semi-official office in capital Doha.

The deputy head of High Peace Council in Kabul, Ataullah Salim, said that he had no information about Americans ' talks with Taliban in Doha. It should, however, give direct talks to each party and "we will welcome every step leading to intra-Afghan talks," he said.

Already about two weeks ago, New York Times had reported that government of US President Donald Trump had instructed its Topdiplomaten to seek direct talks with Taliban to end war in Afghanistan. This would be a significant change in US policy. So far, US has ruled out negotiations and argued that Taliban should negotiate directly with Afghan government. A peace process must take place under Afghan leadership. The Taliban have so far rejected talks with Afghan government and described m as puppet regimes.

Date Of Update: 29 July 2018, 12:00

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