Africa: Lake Chad Conference says billions of help

Donor conference participants pledged aid for countries threatened by conflict in Central Africa. The money will help to stabilise the region.

Africa: Lake Chad Conference says billions of help

The participants of Lake Chad donors ' conference in Berlin have pledged billions of aid to countries threatened by conflict and crisis in Central Africa. They announced a total of 2.17 billion US dollars in financial supplies for coming years, as Foreign Office said. These are intended to contribute to stabilisation and development of region. Development banks refore added 467 million US dollars in favorable loans.

Until Tuesday, more than 70 states, international organisations and civil society actors are advising on humanitarian aid, stabilisation and development cooperation in Lake Chad region in Berlin. In addition to Germany, Nigeria, Norway and United Nations have invited to donors ' conference.

In region of western Central Africa, United Nations Development Programme estimates that around 2.4 million people are fleeing. The European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, Christos Stylianides, called DortigeFlüchtlingskrise one of "heaviest on African continent". This is due to terrorism, poverty and climate change. According to EU Commission, more than ten million people are dependent on humanitarian aid.

Germany provides additional funding

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) was pleased with Hilfsgeldzusagen. "The conference shows what is possible when we work toger," he said. Germany wants to provide an additional 100 million euro for humanitarian aid in region by 2020. According to Maas, 40 million euros of funding for stabilisation and prevention would be expected, of which around 30 million euros would be repledged. In area of development cooperation, according to Foreign Office, federal government is currently resetting programmes of around 220 million euros in region. New projects are planned.

Maas said at opening, at Lake Chad, "one of greatest humanitarian dramas of our Time" is playing off. The region between Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon has become " playground for terrorist groups such as Boko Haram and is, which are also a threat to our security in Europe". The progress made in repression of Boko Haram was not irreversible, he warned. Especially in recent times, according to Maas, attacks on security forces, on markets, mosques and churches, were piling up.

Date Of Update: 04 September 2018, 12:00

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