Alexander Gaula: AfD chief considers climate policy pointless

He doesn't think people could do anything about climate change, said the AfD boss. In the case of pensions and digitisation, he acknowledged the lack of concept of the party.

Alexander Gaula: AfD chief considers climate policy pointless

AfD chief Alexander Gaula doubts meaning of climate policy. "I don't think re is anything against climate change that we humans can do," said Gaulan in ZDF summer interview. Nor could it protect people from a heat wave or ice age. "We used to have some hours of time. We used to have cold times before industrialisation. " He does not think "that one can make any sense with a climate policy," said Gaulan.

The AfD doubts role of human being in climate change, which majority of scientists believe. In its electoral programme, party calls for Germany to resign from Paris climate agreement.

In open-air recording in Potsdam, which was briefly disturbed by several intermediary, AfD chief admitted that his party had neir a coordinated pension concept nor a digitisation strategy. A party congress will decide on course in pension policy next year, said Gaula.

Unlike co-party leader Jörg Meun, who had called for a "gradual system change", he wants to maintain pension scheme financed by system of relocation: "I personally do not believe that we will get away from system of transfer." This will not be viable in long run alone. Wher one is a self-employed or an official have is controversial in party. "Wher you give people with German passports a pension bonus, so to speak – that is also controversial in party. We have to discuss this. "

On question of how private renting of flats can be regulated via platform Airbnb, party chief said: "We have not found a possibility of regulation eir." However, confederation should put a lot more money into construction of houses and flats, he said.

The progressive digitisation will, after Gaulands words, lead to a drop in jobs. There has not been enough thought about alternatives. It is not about a digitisation strategy, but about how effects of technical changes on people would be slowed down so that jobs were not lost. "But re is no question of a strategy for digitisation. And I don't know any at moment. " Over his distance to Internet, chairman of AfD Bundestag group said: "It is common knowledge that I personally have no close relationship-let's say cautiously-about internet, and I am also not a professional for se questions."

Date Of Update: 13 August 2018, 12:00

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