Alexander Gaula: Who is naïve here?

Again, it is said that Alexander Gaulands provocations must be ignored. It would be better if we finally stopped taking on the themes and language of the AfD.

Alexander Gaula: Who is naïve here?
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    Naivety is especially habits die when she thinks she is terribly clever. For example in case of latest "provocation" by Alexander Gaula. In a speech, AfD chief explained twelve worst and also most important years of German history as a "bird-scare". Immediately a discussion broke out in social journalism media about wher it was wise to "play his game". Gaulands game, refore, would be to generate attention with targeted taboo breaks.

    But this view is also Durchschauerisch – re is an unhealthy amount of naivety behind it. For one, re is no instance that could decide not to respond to his provocations. Secondly, provocation effect is only a collateral benefit of Gaulands systematic and quite sustainable narrative work. After all, his most important historical policy goal (and historical politics is actually only thing that interests orwise extremely alterswurschtigen man) is to help Germany become a national pride, as ors have, so France, Great Britain or USA. This goal is of course perfectly plausible within his thinking, because in his world of defenseless, proud, selfish nations one comes with a but-but-history, as Germans cultivate m, not far.

    Of course, Gaula is neir bold nor stupid enough to diminish crimes of National Socialism. He wants to relativize and miniaturize importance of twelve years. His "provocation" was already serving this goal, to be proud of achievements of soldiers of German Wehrmacht during World War II. At time, it was a question of bringing abstract "virtues" before security, for which se virtues were used in concrete terms, i.e. for murder, for destruction of Jews.

    Back behind Weizsäcker

    This is also Gaulands recent utterance. The twelve years of National socialism should not mean more than computational 1.2 percent of 1000 years. Above all, y should no longer serve as an escape and starting point without which all years before and after are completely incomprehensible.

    The goal of Gaulands great historical revision, however, is not twelve years mselves, but what has been done with it after 1945. He wants to go back behind debt admission of created Federal Republic; Behind speech of Richard von Weizsäcker, who in name of German people also interpreted defeat in Second World War as Liberation; He wants to go back to Wehrmacht exhibition, where German soldier was taken his supposed innocence. This is Gaulands project. His alleged provocations are nothing or than attempt to radically reinterpreted German history and historiography.

    The recent reactions to Gaula, however, are naïve for anor reason. If liberal, historically conscious political center is no longer revolving around provocations of AfD, while at same time whole Republic does nothing else than to rotate subjects of this party, n it shows less determination than Rar helplessness.

    Date Of Update: 04 June 2018, 12:02

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