Allen Weisselberg: Chief financial officer of the Trump Organization was offered immunity

Allen Weisselberg is said to know all about Donald Trump's finances. According to the media, US investigators have promised him immunity, he should testify.

Allen Weisselberg: Chief financial officer of the Trump Organization was offered immunity

In affair of silence payments to two presumed ex-mistresses of US president, investigators seek testimony of anor close confidante of Donald Trump. According to United States media reports, all Weisselberg had already been summoned a month ago as a witness to investigation of Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen. Now, if Weisselberg was promised immunity in a furr step, he should testify in case.

The lawyer Cohen had pleaded guilty to court for tax fraud and illegal campaign financing this week and had severely burdened his former clients. Cohen conceded that he had paid amount of 130,000 or 150,000 dollars (114,000 or 131,000 euros) to pornographic actress Stormy Daniels and ex-playmate Karen McDougal, who, according to her own data, had sexual contacts with Trump. He acted on instruction of "a candidate" and with "intention to influence election".

For days now, it has been discussed wher se payments are considered illegal or not. While silence payments are not prohibited as such, US judiciary argues that this has been de facto campaign spending, which should have been declared as such.

From Weisselberg, investigators are now hoping for furr insights. According to a report from NBC, Weisselberg is manager of Trump Organization, which Cohen had sent a bill with request for settlement. This was bill, which led to reimbursement of amount of silence that Cohen had previously paid.

According to report, Weisselberg has instructed anor manager of Trump Organization to settle bill. "Please pay from trust", it was said in an e-mail. The statement had included declaring payment as "legal costs" and using term "lump sum for January and February 2017" in description, reports NBC.

The ultimate nightmare scenario for Trump

If Weisselberg were willing to make a statement, this is "ultimate nightmare scenario for Trump," US channel CNN quotes a former employee of Trump Organization. Weisselberg knows everything about Trump's finances, from tax returns to company sales, ex-employee is furr quoted.

According to Wall Street Journal, Trump has given control of his finances after taking office to his two sons and Weisselberg. Trump's business in real estate and entertainment sector, with its hotels and golf courses as well as merchandising items, is covered by company's holding.

It is still unclear wher Weisselberg will get into offer of investigators. Meanwhile, anor according to media reports is ready: The chief of tabloid national Enquirer, David pecker, wants to provide prosecutor in return for criminal immunity information, Wall Street Journal and New York Times report. Thus, editor-in-chief of national Enquirer, Dylan Howard, will receive immunity.

Date Of Update: 25 August 2018, 12:00

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