Amnesty: Authorities receive less illegal weapons than expected

The shooting spree of Winnen was the catalyst for the first weapons amnesty in Germany. Even since 2017, illegal weapons could be released. Now the deadline ends.

Amnesty: Authorities receive less illegal weapons than expected

At end of a year-long weapons amnesty in Germany, re is a much lower return than in a similar action 2009. This is reported by German press agency, citing figures from an informal inquiry by Federal Ministry in federal States. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, according to local Ministry of Interior until end of 2017 – i.e. at halftime of current amnesty year – only about 5,500 weapons came toger.

2009 weapons amnesty had been introduced under impression of violent incident of winners. At that time, a 17-year-old had 15 people and himself shot in his former secondary school and on run. The youth's far was a sports shooter and had a number of weapons. According to findings of investigators, he had not kept murder weapon as prescribed in a gun vault, but in parents ' bedroom.

Weapons delivered will be destroyed

In amnesty nine years ago, a total of about 200,000 weapons had been handed over nationwide. About a quarter of m were illegally owned weapons.

The current amnesty, on or hand, is not based on a specific event. "The aim was to reduce number of illegally owned weapons," says Federal ministry. Final information on number of weapons returned will be given in coming days.

What exactly happens to weapons is a matter for countries. "As a rule, weapons delivered should be destroyed," said a spokeswoman of Federal Ministry. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, pistols, revolvers and rifles, which are now owned by police, are centrally destroyed by National Office for Central Police Services (LZPD). "A machine dismantles weapons with extreme water pressure. Then remains are burned, "explained a LZPD spokesman.

Date Of Update: 30 June 2018, 12:02

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