Andrea Nahles: we're not a banana Republic!

The SPD chairman criticized US Ambassador Grenell for his interference in the trade dispute. He had negotiated directly with managers of the German car industry.

Andrea Nahles:   we're not a banana Republic!

The meeting of top managers of German car industry with US ambassador Richard Grenell to looming trade war outraged SPD. "I am new to fact that ambassadors are negotiating such questions. What are se methods? "asked party chief Andrea Nahles in world on Sunday. Grenell should learn what his role is. "If American government wants to talk to us about customs duties, that is one thing between trade minister in Washington and Federal Minister of Commerce Peter Altmaier. We're not a banana republic! "

In a conversation with Chiefs VonBMW, Daimler and Volkswagen, Grenell had proposed dismantling of all barriers in transatlantic car trade. However, according to US Botschafthandelte, this is not a formal offer. Government officials were not loaded. According to media reports, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had basically shown herself openly to proposal, but also pointed out that such a Regelungauf would have to be transferred to all countries with which EU trades cars.

According to information from industry circles, German managers had made it clear that y could also imagine a reduction in high European tariffs on cars from USA. These EU customs duties also burden German cars, which are built in USA and imported to Europe. At meeting in Berlin at invitation of Grenells, chief executives Herbert Theses (VW), Dieter Zetsche (Daimler), Harald Krüger (BMW) and Elmar Degenhart (Continental) as well as President of Association of Automobile Industry (VDA), Bernhard Mattes, have participated. Corporate spokespersons did not want to comment on this.

Massive criticism even before he took office

Before taking office, Grenell had noticed that he wanted to interfere in European politics. In an interview with extreme right Internet portal Breitbart, he had announced that he wanted to strengn conservative movements throughout Europe. He also has great respect for Austria's chancellor Sebastian Kurz, whose conservative ÖVP reigns in Vienna with right-wing populist fpoe. He think he's a rock star. The statements had been criticized in Germany because y missed political neutrality.

As a result of criticism, Grenell took back statements and said: "I do not intend to actively interfere in political affairs." Only a few weeks later he negotiated tariffs.

Date Of Update: 08 July 2018, 12:02

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