Angela Merkel: There must be more order in all kinds of migration

In the Bundestag, the Chancellor promoted her asylum policy and defended the agreement with the CSU. The AfD accused Merkel of having split Germany and the EU.

Angela Merkel:   There must be more order in all kinds of migration

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has used general debate in Bundestag to explain her asylum policy. The question of migration will decide wher Europe has a stock, Merkel said to deputies. The interests of EU countries are very different, but at same time issue is all about. Germany's future is closely connected with future of Europe, with global order and question of how digitisation should be designed.

Especially in topic of migration, Germany needs answers that "correspond to our values", Merkel demanded. Answers that would also comply with international law, which are solidarity and realistic, but also "liveable in everyday life". Merkel was very pleased with results of EU summit, where she had agreed on agreements for withdrawal of asylum seekers with several countries.

In her speech, Chancellor once again emphasised fight against escape causes and need for return incentives. But that would only work, "if we do not talk about heads of countries in Africa," chancellor campaigned for a new "Pact for Africa", highlighting importance of so-called Marshall Plan by Development Minister Gerd Müller (CSU). The crucial question is: "Where are our interests and how can we make it a win-win situation with countries of origin of today's illegal migrants?" Migration is a global problem that required a global response.

Free movement in danger

In Schengen area, Chancellor sees freedom of movement in danger and refore calls for partnership solutions for secondary migration. "There must be more order in all kinds of migration," she said, defending asylum compromise with CSU. This also includes a better repatriation to or EU countries. "Law and order must be enforced."

The first right to speak had Oppostionsführerin, AfD, in general debate. Head of Bundestag group, Alice Weidelwarf, told chancellor that, with her insistence on a liberal refugee policy, Germany and Europe had split: "Germany has become a chaos factor under its government from engine and anchor of stability," said Weiden.

In asylum policy she accused Merkel of dismantling her interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and abusing her policy competence. With a view to federal budget, Weiden also accused grand coalition of being responsible for "allocation of asylum seekers" for millions of issues. She once again called on Merkel to resign.

"Closed Camps We refuse"

The FDP chief also found harsh words against Merkel. Since autumn 2015, it has been engaged in refugee policy without satisfactorily solving problem. Asylum policy is over-relocation. "We once said: Better not reign than to rule wrong. We have not been able to imagine both being at same time, "said Christian Lindner.

He proposed to Merkel a cross-party cooperation in federal government, Länder and municipalities in order to find a German migration consensus. Lindner warned that chancellor would also be reliant on support of FDP and Greens, because subject of "even in ir own groups" was tilted: union was divided, SPD had to contend with compromise reached on transit centres and even left Disagree on migration policy it should pursue. However, he did not outline ideas for a consensus.

Andrea Nahles, who criticized master plan migration of Hortus Seehofer, also expressed her displeasure over asylum dispute. It is superfluous: "We need good craftsmanship," said SPD party and Bundestag group leader. Nahles reiterated its party's final approval of Union's asylum compromise and urged compliance with principles of rule of law by saying, "closed camps are rejected."  Left group chief Dietmar Bartsch accused union of damaging democracy with asylum dispute. It is a power game between parties, where humanity remains on line. "You would have also deported Jesus with a smile," said Bartsch in direction of CSU. Nahles is sure that re is a way to bring toger "humanity and realism" in asylum policy.

Date Of Update: 04 July 2018, 12:02

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