Angela Merkel: Germany wants to help Italy in a refugee crisis

The Chancellor has pledged her solidarity to the new Italian head of government, Giuseppe Conte. The problems of migration should be addressed in North Africa.

Angela Merkel: Germany wants to help Italy in a refugee crisis

Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised Italy that he will support country in its problems with refugees. Germany will show solidarity with Italy, Merkel said at a meeting with new Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in Berlin. It is also a question of extent to which refugee problem can already be tackled in North Africa, particularly in Libya, Merkel said. There is a need to work toger with refugee organisations such as UNHCR. It is possible that asylum applications can already be dealt with here, Merkel said.

The governments in Berlin and Rome fully agreed that external borders of Europe should be better secured and that Border protection organisation Frontex should be strengned, Merkel said. In addition, it is necessary to act against trafficking and to support African States mselves.

Conte welcomed words of Merkel to solidarity with Italy. He called for a recast of Dublin procedure, whereby a refugee must, in principle, apply for asylum where he first entered EU's soil. For many of comers, se are sourn countries with EU external borders, in particular Italy and Greece. It is necessary to have a more cohesive system, said Conte. He said that Italy appreciates financial help of Germany in attempts to stabilise Libya.

The Chancellor has pledged to present solutions to migration issues over next two weeks. In bilateral agreements with European neighbours, it wants to ensure that refugees who are already registered as asylum seekers in or countries can be dismissed at border and sent back to se countries.

If re is no agreement at EU summit at end of June, CSU will, if necessary, want a German single-handed move without bilateral agreements, in order to also force EU to become more active in refugee policy. The chancellor, on or hand, is against such a single course.

Italy and Greece have been under pressure for years. The or EU countries had already pledged ir support years ago – but new Italian government in particular feels abandoned in many respects. Lastly, Contes government had prevented a rescue ship with 630 people from going ashore in Italy. These people could after a day long trip last in Spain from board. The Government of that country has promised France to accept half of people.

Date Of Update: 19 June 2018, 12:02

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