Asylum dispute: Seehofer warns Merkel of his dismissal

The federal interior minister sees its behaviour as a contribution to solving European problems: it has kissed the EU 34; awake 34;. The SPD calls for an end to the CSU 34; antics 34;.

Asylum dispute: Seehofer warns Merkel of his dismissal

The federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) warned Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to dismiss him for a single-handed course in asylum dispute. "If you were to leave a minister who cares about security and order of his country with this justification, this would be a world premiere. Where are we? "said Seehofer in an interview with Passauer Neue Presse.

Rar, his demands had provided an impetus for addressing asylum-policy solutions in EU, said CSU chief: "I am glad that I have kissed European Union. Within just one week re is a sudden willingness in Europe to put toger and solve problems. I've never seen anything like it before. " As a federal interior minister, it is his job to "ensure that law and order reign again."

"Made Mickey Mouse a monster"

His master plan migration is "not to be cut off", said Seehofer of newspaper. It is also only a fraction of this plan that triggered controversy with sister party: "The Chancellor has no problem with 62.5 of 63 points. At outstanding half-point, a Mickey Mouse is made a monster. " The CSU would like to reject refugees who have already applied for asylum in anor EU state or who have been registered, at German borders. If Merkel did not achieve any solutions at EU summit, he was determined to arrange this procedure, said Seehofer – even on his own.

At beginning of week, CSU and Merkel agreed on a deadline: Chancellor had 14 days to work with European partners on a solution in refugee policy. If Merkel succeeds in finding a European solution, "no one is happier than me," said Seehofer.

At beginning of week, Merkel had warned of her minister's single-handedly and referred to Chancellor's policy competence. Article 65 of Basic Law states: "The Federal Chancellor determines guidelines of policy and bears responsibility for this." Seehofer questioned wher it was appropriate in present situation to refer to competence of directive. "If you were dissatisfied with work of Federal Minister of West in chancellery, you should end coalition," said Seehofer of Passau New Press. "I am chairman of CSU, one of three coalition parties, and trade with full backing of my party."

Nahles "very upset" about union dispute

The federal interior minister denied that CSU was in dispute of Union parties for Bavarian Landtag election campaign. "The CSU is fighting for its conviction. That's more important than post, "he said. "I hear from many people day after day: ' Stand firm. Don't fall! ' It is a question of credibility, "said CSU chief. That is precondition for people's trust. "This is more important than an office," said federal Interior minister. There are "quite a few in Berlin who want to get rid of me," said minister.

The coalition partner also expressed criticism of position of CSU and Federal Minister of state: SPD chairwoman Andrea Nahles said on Thursday evening in daily mes of ARD that she was "very upset about way in which Germany is played here, because one Obviously panic that one loses absolute majority in Bavaria ". The Union must "finally get to point," Nahles said, and "this antics" end. The SPD boss presented dispute between CDU and CSU as a power struggle, in which it is about "intra-party terrain gains".

Date Of Update: 22 June 2018, 12:01

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