Asylum dispute: SPD presents new proposal for asylum package

According to the SPD chief, Andrea Nahles, the coalition committee is to negotiate an extension of the Union's plans for asylum policy. She was 34; cautiously confident 34;.

Asylum dispute: SPD presents new proposal for asylum package

In asylum dispute, leaders of grand coalition want to negotiate a new proposal. "We have a new proposal on table and now we have to see if everyone can agree," said SPD chairwoman Andrea Nahles in front of a coalition committee of CDU, CSU and SPD. The new proposal is not just about union's proposals for more stringent measures against illegal migration, but also about orientation of humanitarian and solidarity principles.

The SPD also calls for a swift presentation of an immigration law against shortage of skilled workers and rejects closed transit centres at border with Austria. "I am cautiously confident," said Nahles to new proposal.

CDU and CSU had agreed to establish transit centres on German-Austrian border. From re, or registered asylum seekers will be transferred to relevant EU countries within 48 hours. Should no administrative agreements be reached with countries concerned, particularly Greece and Italy, applicants for asylum should be rejected directly at German-Austrian border.

Originally, coalition talks were supposed to take place earlier this week, but y were postponed after two and a half hours of unsuccessful negotiations on this Thursday. SPD chief Andrea Nahles said on Tuesday that re have been intense discussions with union leaders, "but we are not quite toger yet".

Nahles asked her party "to be a piece of far trust for next time". Whatever SPD will agree with Union in refugee policy will not contradict eir Coalition treaty or SPD's five-point plan. Orwise, y will disagree. The SPD wants to enforce its five-point plan, "Dot for Dot," said Nahles.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2018, 12:02

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