Asylum dispute: Young union calls for mediators for future conflicts

The youth organisation of the CDU/CSU is urging the establishment of a Union Council to clarify issues of controversy. A split like the asylum dispute should not be repeated.

Asylum dispute: Young union calls for mediators for future conflicts

After agreement in asylum dispute in Union, national associations of Young union in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland are calling for a new party body of CDU and CSU. This so-called "Unionsrat" is intended to resolve future conflicts. "In Unionsrat, disputes that have been discussed so far only at level of party, group and national group leaders should be put on a broader footing," it was said in a communication by three national leaders. The delegates should jointly decide on a set of direction issues.

The tasks of such a Union Council should refore also be to create a joint electoral programme, to appoint Chancellor candidates and to vote on coalition treaties. The Panel's decisions should serve as a "guideline for work of group communities in German Bundestag and CDU/CSU group in European Parliament," paper says.

On Thursday evening, union and SPD agreed on a compromise in weeks-long dispute over asylum policy. The paper that has been adopted furr mentions that Germany will reject asylum seekers who are responsible for or EU states on basis of a bilateral agreement.

The three national associations of Young Union urged: "Such a dispute between Union parties, as in last two weeks that led Union family to abyss, must not be repeated." CDU and CSU are partners and not competitors.

Seehofer: Quarrel with Merkel is over

Meanwhile, federal interior minister, Horst Seehofer, assured his quarrel with Chancellor Angela Merkel was over. "We look forward," said CSU chief of picture on Sunday according to preliminary report. "The windshield is bigger than DerRückspiegel." Of course, he can continue to work with DerCDU chairman. "That is also unserePflicht and responsibility towards population." Seinezwischenzeitliche's resignation threat in CSU board is already a matter of same.

For weeks, CDU and CSU had come up with a bitter quarrel in refugee policy. At times, even faction Alliance of both Union parties was feared. Meanwhile, Grand coalition of Union and SPD Aberauf has agreed a compromise.

However, various surveys in recent weeks have shown that union dispute has cost governing parties voter sympathy; If Bundestag were currently elected, grand coalition would not even get a majority.

The mood in grand coalition remains tense: SPD chief Andrea Nahles accused Bavarian prime Minister Markus Söder of stirring up resentment against refugees, for example, by using concepts such as "asylum tourism". That is language DerAfD. These were "carefully planned Provokationenvor of Bavarian Landtag election," said Nahles of world AmSonntag.

Date Of Update: 08 July 2018, 12:02

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