Asylum policy: affair leads Nationwide to delays in asylum procedures

18,000 cases, 70 examiners, three months: the examination of the asylum decisions in Bremen binds so many personnel that the work of the bamf could remain.

Asylum policy: affair leads Nationwide to delays in asylum procedures

The examination of dubious asylum decisions of branch in Bremen could lead to a significant increase in number of unprocessed asylum applications. This is due to federal government's response to a questionnaire from Bundestag Group of Greens. In this, Ministry of Interior writes that approximately 70 employees are entrusted with examination of approximately 18,000 cases of Bremen branch office for about three months. As a result of this additional personnel effort, re was a risk that stock of open asylum procedures could rise from currently around 50,000 to about 80,000.

The goal of a three-month processing period for new procedures is no longer to be maintained. Already last week, federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) ordered that 54 employees of Bremen Branch should not be able to process asylum applications for a moment. They are also now falling out.

In Bremen branch, more than 1,200 people should have received asylum between 2013 and 2016 – without a legal basis. The prosecutor's Office refore investigates former director, or employees, an interpreter and attorneys. The interpreter is suspected of having taken money from asylum seekers. In procedure, investigators are also interested in several lawyers who have been asked to provide asylum procedures to Bremen office. According to information from Spiegel Online, deputy of former Bremen branch manager Ulrike B. Has now also been subjected to disciplinary law.

The bamf does not seem to have any knowledge of motives for manipulations in Bremen. The Authority stated in an internal audit report of 11 May that re was a suspicion that five employees, toger with head of branch, who had been displaced in July 2016, were in breach of applicable law, security regulations and internal Instructions. Wher y would have done so on ir own or on instructions of head of time could not yet be conclusively answered.

The internal report also states: "In particular, in case of Syrian and Iraqi applicants, identity was not examined, although re were indications from competent foreigners ' authorities that se were Turkish nationals or Clan members who had become conspicuous. "

Bremen should have been responsible only for about ten percent of cases in question

As Spiegel reports online, it is also clear from report of internal audit that Bremen branch of 1,371 investigated procedures from years 2013 to 2017 should have been responsible for only 142 cases. In more than half of decisions to be taken in Bremen, re was no admissible application. In about 40 percent of cases, identity of asylum seekers had not been clarified. The cases of two accused lawyers were "systematically preferably treated and benevolently decided", Spiegel cited online from report.

Because of scandal, Seehofer and manager Jutta Cordt had been invited to Bundestag's internal committee on Tuesday – in a non-public meeting. MEPs ask, among or things, who should provide information on who has been informed about grievances and how y responded. There are increasing demands from opposition to have affair clarified by a committee of inquiry of Bundestag.

Date Of Update: 30 May 2018, 12:02

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