Asylum policy: EU seeks to prevent refugees from continuing to travel

At their meeting on Sunday, the EU states are planning far-reaching measures. According to reports, there should be new rules for refugees and their 34; flexible redemption 34;

Asylum policy: EU seeks to prevent refugees from continuing to travel

At ir meeting on Sunday in Brussels, Germany and or EU countries could agree on several steps to reform asylum policy in EU. As both news agency DPA and Süddeutsche Zeitung report, mechanisms for withdrawal of migrants are at centre of discussions. "We will set up a flexible common return mechanism close to internal borders," says a draft final declaration, which is given to two media according to ir own specifications.

Next Sunday, at invitation of EU Commission leader Jean-Claude Juncker, heads of State and Government of Austria, Italy, France, Greece, Bulgaria and Spain, as well as Belgium and Nerlands, will also meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Toger. Anyone who finally signs draft is still open. On paper, negotiators of States should continue to work in coming days.

So far, a number of rerules have been recorded re. According to reports, one objective should be to prevent continued journey of asylum seekers between EU countries. "There is no right to freely choose Member State in which asylum is sought", it says. "We see a great need to significantly reduce secondary movements."

Inspections at railway stations and airports

To this end, re should be checks at railway stations, bus stations and airports. Asylum seekers are to face penalties if y do not remain in country of ir first registration. In addition, asylum seekers will only receive social assistance in EU country responsible for m.

In fight against smugglers, EU countries involved want to install joint police centres and former border management agency Frontex to become an EU border police. To this end, staff should be increased faster than previously planned. Up to 2020 re should be 10,000 employees, a few weeks ago EU Commission had still called 2027 as a perspective. At same time, Asylbüro Easo should be extended to a genuine EU asylum authority.

Member States want to appoint high-level representatives to implement se plans. According to draft, se should meet monthly. The Heads of State and Government of signing countries are to meet again in autumn.

CSU warns Merkel

All se plans and declarations of intent could help Chancellor Merkel, who is under pressure from CSU to find a European solution to asylum dispute until EU summit at end of June. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer wants to reject refugees at border if y are already registered in anor EU country. Merkel had requested time to reach EU summit to conclude bilateral agreements on this. However, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini already made it clear that his government does not want to take back asylum seekers from Germany.

The CSU MEP Markus Ferber now warned against a "dirty deal" at Brussels special summit. "We have a concern that Angela Merkel is now running through Europe with checkbook." It needs Greece and Italy for a solution in refugee question, "Ferber said to newspapers of German editorial network.

Date Of Update: 21 June 2018, 12:01

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