Asylum policy: Seehofer wants to close refugee agreement with Italy by the end of July

After a meeting with his Italian counterpart, the Interior Minister Seehofer praised the talks. It has a timetable for the withdrawal of refugees agreements.

Asylum policy: Seehofer wants to close refugee agreement with Italy by the end of July

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) wants to conclude an agreement in dispute with Italy on withdrawal of rejected refugees by end of July. He agreed with Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini that ir employees are now "very quick" to start talks, said Seehofer after a meeting with Salvini before journalists in Innsbruck.

Such agreements with EU countries for withdrawal of already registered refugees are a central part of agreement in weeks-long asylum dispute of grand coalition and are intended to make Germany's national uniforms threatened by Seehof unnecessary. Seehofer had last said that possible decisions should in any case still have to be voted on with federal government.

As minister, Seehofer and Salvini would n meet again very quickly after work and try to conclude an agreement, said CSU chief. "We are aiming for it in July," said Seehofer. If this cannot be done by end of July, he will look for a solution by beginning of August.

Salvini rated conversation "very positive"

Seehofer said to talks: "The Spirit today was very solution-oriented." He is confident that it will come to a conclusion. It talks about internal migration from Italy via Austria to Germany, but also about distress rescue.

Salvini described conversation as "very positive" on eve of meeting of EU interior ministers in Innsbruck. There was common goal that fewer refugees would be transported by sea in Europe, that re would be "fewer deaths" and "fewer migrants in Italy as in Germany". Italy and Germany expected "genuine support from Europe in control of external borders," said Salvini.

Italy's deputy prime minister and head of right-wing Lega party added that his country wanted to discuss border controls with Governments of Germany and Austria. But main goal was "to reduce arrivals and increase number of deportations". It will work to ensure that any treaty between European Union and African States also includes agreements on withdrawal and expulsion of people without an EU residence permit.

Date Of Update: 12 July 2018, 12:02

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