Asylum policy: The CSU wants to dirty himself d as Jersey

The Christian social struggle for the deportation of Sami a. And speak of the overdemand of many citizens. Horst Seehofer responds to criticism of the churches.

Asylum policy: The CSU wants to dirty himself  d as Jersey

In dealing with Gefährdernund rejected asylum seekers, CSU demands a tougher pace of state. Their national group leader in Bundestag, AlexanderDobrindt, called it right, "that endangered and violent criminals are brought back into IhreHeimatländer." It is an expression VonRechtsstaatlichkeit when State protects citizens from criminals. In relation to deportation of Sami a. To Tunisia, Dobrindt said: "Ichkritisiere not that Sami a. was deported. On contrary, I criticize that he was allowed to stay for so long. "

The Mutmaßlichefrühere bodyguard was deported by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden Waram 13 July. The administrative Court of Gelsenkirchen had reprimanded dieAktion as grossly unlawful and demanded that he bring back Sami A, because in his homeland Tunisia threatened torture. Dagegenwehrt is city of Bochum.

BundesverkehrsministerAndreas Scheuer (CSU) said that Wennjemand had no right of protection or was straffälliggeworden as an asylum seeker, consequences would have to be drawn. "Schutzberechtigtebekommen all our attention and our humanity UndIntegrationsleistung. Many citizens help with integration. But it hatauch many overwhelmed. " With a view to culture of debate, Scheuer said, Manmüsse in politics as in football " jersey still dirty Machenwollen, one must also look at political dispute".

The CDU and CSU had reached EineVerständigung in refugee policy at beginning of July after a violent government crisis, even with KoalitionspartnerSPD. They decided that asylum seekers who have already applied for protection in anor EU state Zurückgeschicktwerden in future as quickly as possible from Derdeutsch-Austrian border to State concerned – but only if re is a corresponding Agreement with DiesemStaat. The CSU chief and federal Interior minister Horst Seehofer will negotiate until end of month.

"Mindedness and provincialism"

The EvangelischeHilfswerk Bread for world criticized so-called master plan Migrationvon Seehofer. This plan is a "low point of turning away from a humanitärenFlüchtlings and asylum policy," said head of political department DesHilfswerks, Klaus Seitz, SWR . "The spirit of master plan testifies to an incredible mindedness and a EngstirnigenProvinzialität." It is only a matter of foreclosure and prevention, a humanitarian spirit can no longer be felt.

The President of Catholic Caritasverbandes, Peter Neher, called it irresponsible to accommodate refugees in so-called anchor centres of up to 1,500 people in this country. Experience has shown that such large institutions are highly problematic: "particularly vulnerable groups, women, mors, children, Homosexuelleoder certain religious minorities, are exposed to a variety of dangers." Nor should all procedures be handled quickly: "Which is, even in such large facilities, we will have people who have to live in it for a year or more. That's horror. "

Greens calling for retreating Seehofer

Interior Minister Seehofer Kündigtean, he wanted to look for a direct conversation with churches because of criticism. Esgehe told him to explain his motives, said Seehofer to MünchnerMerkur. According to Seehofer's view, a contrast between humanity and security is always produced: "But y will not Humanitäterhalten and secure in long run if y do not have order in country and do not protect indigenous population." Seehofer asked in direction of churches: "Is it unchristian to endanger and bring offenders out of country?" His statement in connection with 69 deportations of his 69. Birthday was "uninhibited abused".

Green chief Robert Habeck called for resignation of Seehofer. The CSU chief worries "himself for being a misoccupation as interior minister," said Habeck DenZeitungen of Spark Media Group. "Everybody sees that Horst Seehofergehetzt is acting. Everyone, including him, would be served if he were no longer minister of interior. " The CSU leadership was "in amok" and seehofer games with rule of law.

CSU doesn't want to argue anymore

BayernsMinisterpräsident Markus Söder and Transport Minister Ilse Aigner summoned on Monday unity of party. At District Party congress Deroberbayerischen CSU InIrschenberg said Söder, CSUmüsse before Landtag election on 14 October show that it was anchor and Zentrumzug body. The upper Bavarian BezirkschefinAigner said: "Dear Markus, I can assure you that upper Bavaria are behind you. We must also break up with blame. We to break up with quarrels. "

After asylum dispute and DerRegierungskrise in Berlin, CSU had crashed in new Bavarian trend of Bavarian television to only 38 percent of voters, a historischerTiefstand. In a survey by opinion Research Institut Forsa Bewertetendie 1,006, work of CSUin of government was interviewed with grade "deficient" (4.7). At Landtag election in Bavaria, CSU is threatening loss of its absolute majority – an identity inducing feature.

Date Of Update: 22 July 2018, 12:02

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