Attack on voter database: Hacker attack on US Democrats turns out to be a test

The Democrats reported on Wednesday that hackers were trying to penetrate their voter database. Now it turns out: it was just an unauthorized security test.

Attack on voter database: Hacker attack on US Democrats turns out to be a test

The alleged hacker attack on Democratic Party voter database in United States was just a security test. The party and its security partners have now assumed that counterfeit domain was "created by third parties as part of a simulated phishing test," said head of security of Democratic National Committee (DNC), Bob Lord.

The day before, party had informed software experts had successfully thwarted an attack on database VoteBuilder. Hackers would have attempted to obtain usernames and passwords using a spoofed login, thus gaining access to file.

The test imitated many features of a real attack, Lord said. He had not been approved by DNC or by VoteBuilder. The DNC was "very relieved" that it was not attack of a foreign power. The incident, however, is furr proof that "we must remain vigilant in face of possible attacks."

A high-ranking party member said, according to news agency AP, Democrat Party Association in state of Michigan would have initiated test without informing party leaders. This meant that association wanted to check safety of Loginsystems, said party representative, who wished to remain anonymous. The party was n warned of an attack by an automated security system.

In US presidential campaign 2016, according to intelligence of US secret services, hackers of Russian military intelligence Gru had invaded Democrats ' networks. The documents and e-mails obtained in this way were later published to bring Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton into distress.

Only on Tuesday, technology group had notified Microsoft that cyberattacks had thwarted US Senate and conservative US think tanks. Here, too, hackers put copies of Internet offerings of institutions in order to access user data.

Date Of Update: 24 August 2018, 12:00

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