Austria: 39; Axis 39; is my normal parlance

In conversation with time editor-in-chief Giovanni di Lorenzo, Austria's chancellor defended his choice of words. He will have concepts like 34; Axis 34; don't take the Nazis.

Austria:    39; Axis  39; is my normal parlance

Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has defended his statements on an "axis of willing" in refugee policy of Rome via Vienna to Berlin. "I found excitement about it strange," said briefly in conversation with conversation with time editor-in-chief Giovanni di Lorenzo (see video below from minute 15). "' Axis ' is my normal use of language."

It was briefly pointed out that term was used more frequently in European context. "The EU also speaks of Berlin-Paris axis," said ÖVP politician. To end discussion, he would now rar use word "alliance". However, "I don't let Nazis take words like ' axis ' and ' Homeland '."

With a view to informal working meeting of 16 EU countries on European asylum policy on Sunday in Brussels, it was briefly said that re were no great hopes for a "big result". We should not put expectations "in sky". In short, EU states urged m to focus on issues on which re is consensus, such as strengning of Frontex border management authority.

The Austrian Chancellor also expressed doubts about bilateral agreement between Germany and or EU member States, favoured by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). He does not know exactly what such agreements are aiming for or what y should achieve. "The rules of EU are clear." In this way, European law already states that an incoming refugee must be registered in first EU state he reaches.

In short, project of German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) also defended displacement of incoming refugees at German border. In his own words, however, he reckons with a domino effect along route to EU's external borders. "We would n, with complete consistency, also secure our borders, all will do same in same tone." As a result, countries like Greece would not be able to simply "wave" incoming refugees – and at same time it would be much harder for tugs, for example in North Africa, to sell a crossing over Mediterranean if a refugee had doubts, nor in To reach its desired destination country Germany, Austria or Sweden. In end, less would be on way to Europe, said Kurz.

In short, idea of setting up so-called detention centres in countries outside Europe, such as North Africa, in which refugees are to submit ir asylum applications. He is aware, however, that one must offer something to se countries: "It is a question of price." One is mistaken when one believes that countries from pure charity set up such hotspots.

Date Of Update: 23 June 2018, 12:02

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