Austria: Government wants to close mosques

The ÖVP and FPOe in Austria see themselves in 34; fight against political Islam 34;: Seven Muslim prayer houses have to make, two imams were expelled.

Austria: Government wants to close mosques

The Austrian government wants to prove numerous imams and close seven mosques. This was announced by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) in context of his Government's decisions "in fight against political Islam". "Parallel societies, political Islam and radicalisation tendencies have no place in our country," he said in Vienna.

The decision of Government is based on Islamic Law of 2015, which requires Muslims to have a positive attitude towards state and society. He had already been adopted by red-black predecessor government. However, coalition with right-wing populist FPOe, which was held in December and briefly led by ÖVP leader, is pursuing a tough course in immigration policy. The FPOE represents six ministers, among ors in key ministries of interior, exterior and defence. FPOe chief Heinz-Christian Strache is vice-chancellor.

Debate about performance in Atib Mosque

The measures against imams and mosques are mainly directed against Association of Turkish-Islamic Union for Cultural and Social Cooperation in Austria (ATIB). Like Mosque association Ditib in Germany, Atib is also an umbrella organisation representing more than 60 clubs in Austria. It is subject to Turkish religious authority Diyanet and thus to Turkish Government.

The association has been in criticism for a long time, mainly because of its Turkish-nationalist orientation. In April, Austrian Government announced an examination of mosques after a battle of First World War was evident in a Atib mosque in Vienna with children in camouflage clothing. Photos showed marching and salutierende boys with Turkish flags.

For Minister of Culture Gernot Baldwin (ÖVP) This was occasion to check Atib mosques. According to Vice-chancellor Strache, authorities currently observe 60 of total 260 imams in country. According to Minister of Interior Herbert Kickl, 40 Muslim clerics are currently being checked to see if y have violated ban on foreign financing. Two imams had already been expelled, "said FPOe politician. Strache added, "We're just getting started."

Date Of Update: 08 June 2018, 12:02

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