Austria: Outrage over planned directive on manholes

A FPOe minister in Lower Austria is considering that customers should be registered for the purchase of kosher meat. Not only the Jewish community is appalled.

Austria: Outrage over planned directive on manholes

In Austria, re is a growing displeasure over a planned directive that may allow Jews in federal state of Lower Austria to register for collection of kosher meat. DieInitiative goes back to responsible provincial minister for Animal Welfare in Lower Austria, Gottfried Waldhäusl, who wants to curb shafting of animals. The manholes are ritual slaughter of animals, bleeding at demSchlachttiere before y are eaten. Because consumption of blood is forbidden in both Judaism and Islam.

The SPÖ strongly criticized thrust: "This registration reminds us of darkest chapters of our record," said party chairman and former Chancellor Christian Kern. Kern ForderteKanzler Sebastian briefly to end his "booming silence" attacks by FPOe on basic pillars of Republic. Waldhäusl told Wiener Zeitung that he would not create lists, eir by Jews or by Muslims. However, for delivery of geschächtetem meat it still needs a personal registration.

The FPOe politician Waldhäusl calls himself to a decision provincial administrative court in Lower Austria from March 2018. It werdenVorschriften for shafting and collection of need for KoscheremFleisch on basis of concrete persons. The decision, in turn, is based on a decree of 2017 and DamaligenLandesministers Maurice Androsch (SPÖ), according to provincial government.

Waldhäusl said that he would implement what was under SPÖ Minister Androschbegonnen. However, Androsch rejected this representation. His thrust vondamals had nothing to do with lists, but only with GenerellenVoraussetzungen for people who wanted to manholes, said Social Democrat.

Head of government calls for "factual discussion and no rekindle"

The discussion was initiated by a letter from authorities to Jewish cultic community (IKG) in July. In accordance with court order, it is pointed out that ReligiöseGründe at Schächtungen only Werdenkönnten claimed by concrete persons. Affiliation with religious communities can be nachgewiesenwerden via excerpts AusMitgliederverzeichnissen, official documents or similar documents.

The IKG interpreted this "ENSO" that slaughterhouses and kosher outlets will have to keep ir customers ' lists in future. IKG president Oskar Deutsch told ORF that he was reminded of a time when he believed that she would never come again. He apparently alluded to Jews ' registrations among Nazis. German said, he assumes that re will be no registration of buyers koscherenFleisches: "This will not happen in this country."

Lower Austria's Prime Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP) made it clear: "That EinzelnenAbnehmer must register first, it will certainly not exist in Lower Austria". It does not matter wher this Vorstoßnun comes from a minister of SPÖ or a fpoe. It is a particularly sensitive issue. "I expect a factual Diskussionund not a rekindle."

Date Of Update: 19 July 2018, 12:02

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